PRES 2017 Results

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2017

In our 2017 survey 47% of PG Researchers shared their views on conducting research at Glasgow. Their responses help us see where we are making progress and what we still need to work on. Feedback will impact decisions on policy and practical issues for PGRs.

This year 84% of respondents reported that they are satisfied with the experience of their research degree programme. Overall, satisfaction figures were high in comparison to the rest of the UK but, crucially, the survey highlighted specific areas that require attention and improvement.

We are working hard to ensure the communication of the 2017 results are effective and we will be updating these web pages soon to ensure you are kept up to date on how these results are being utilised to improve researcher life at Glasgow.

College of Arts 2017 PRES Results

College of Science and Engineering 2017 PRES Results

College of Social Sciences 2017 PRES Results

College of MVLS 2017 PRES Results

2017 PRES Survey Results

We will be discussing these results at the PGR Communities and Experience event with students and staff and will consider how to move forward in ensuring feedback is used appropriately and effectively. 

To make our action plan meaningful at a local level, interpreting and responding to the results has to be a joint undertaking. Therefore we really want your comments or feedback on the results. Our Researcher Development Manager (Elizabeth Adams) is always happy to come out to discuss these results at local meetings or please send her any suggestions.