Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Research Seminars

The PPN Research Seminar is a joint endeavour to promote interdisciplinary discussion between Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Time: 4pm (but see *s in list of seminars below for exceptions)

Venue: For 2021-2022 seminars will again take place by Zoom.

In addition to the regular meetings, we hold Work in Progress (WiP) meetings where postgraduates present their work. WiP meetings are identified as such below.

All students, staff and visiting researchers are welcome to attend.


2021-22 Seminars

First Semester

27 September
Title: The illusory and hallucinatory nature of dreams
Speaker: Fiona Macpherson (CSPE, University of Glasgow)

4 October
Title: Overlap and confusion between imagination and perception
Speaker: Nadine Diijkstra (The Metalab, UCL) 

18 October at *NOON*
Title: A mathematician’s view of depth illusion
Speaker: Kokichi Sugihara (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences)

1 November
Title: Mundane Hallucinations and New Wave Relationalism
Speaker: Jacob Beck (Philosophy, York University)

22 November
Title: Characterization of Standing Mental States
Speaker: Katalin Farkas (Philosophy, Central European University)

29 November at *1pm*
Title: Psychedelics, Atheism and Naturalism: Myth and Reality
Speaker: Chris Letheby (Philosophy, University of Western Australia)

6 December
Title: What is lucid about dreamless sleep?
Speaker: Adriana Alcaraz Sanchez (Philosophy and Psychology, University of Glasgow)

2021-22 Seminars

Second Semester

10 January
Title: Concept-driven suppositional scenarios
Speaker: Nicholas Shea (Institute of Philosophy, University of London)

24 January
Title: Multisensory perception, memory and learning
Speaker: Ladan Shams (Psychology & Neuroscience, UCLA)

21 February - To be rescheduled
Title: TBA
Speaker: Anil Seth (Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, University of Sussex)

14 March
Title: Inner Speech in Autism
Speaker: Marta Jorba (Philosohpy, Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)

28 March
Title: Rules for Neurons
Speaker: John Morrison (Philosophy, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA)

25 April - WIP session
Title: Hermeneutics of illness: How the experience of mental disorder is shaped by self-interpretation
Speaker: Jodie Russell (PhD student in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh)

16 May
Title: Why we need joint perception
Speaker: Ophelia Deroy (Philosophy & Neuroscience, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

23 May - Rescheduled to fall 2022
Title: TBA
Speaker: Kathleen Akins (Philosophy, Simon Fraser University)

13 June *This session will be hybrid (in person & online)*
Title: Pain Fallibility
Speaker: Jennifer Corns (Philosophy, University of Glasgow)

This year’s seminars are jointly sponsored by the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology, and the CSPE.AHRC logo