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Online Seminar Series

Every two weeks, on Tuesdays, 12 - 1pm, unless otherwise notified

Everyone from all disciplines welcome.

Topics include illusion, anomalous perception, camouflage and more.

Details of sessions below but the Zoom link sent out on CSPE e-mail list (to sign up e-mail Derek.Brown.2@glasgow.ac.uk).


Tuesday 6th of December 2022, 12 - 1pm    Dr Elliot Freeman (City, University of London)    Visual-Evoked Auditory Response  
Tuesday 22nd of November 2022, 12 - 1pm    Dr Maria SantacĂ  (University of Padova)    Illusion Perception Across Animal Species  
Tuesday 8th of November 2022, 12 - 1pm    Prof Christoph Hoerl (University of Warwick)    Illusions of Time  
Tuesday 25th of October 2022, 12 - 1pm    Dr Brian P. Keane (University of Rochester Medical Center) Informational Encapsulation and Modularity in Vision  
Tuesday 11th of October 2022, 12 - 1pm    Prof Ayumi Kambara (Kyoto Gakuen University) The Effect of Visual Illusions on Social Biases  
Tuesday 27th of September 2022, 12 - 1pm Prof Fred Gosselin (University of Montreal) Depth Illusion  
Tuesday 13th of September 2022, 12 - 1pm Prof Robert Smithson (University of North Carolina Wilmington) Idealism and Illusions  
Tuesday 14th June 2022, 12 - 1pm Dr Mary Jane Spiller (East London) Synaethesia  
Tuesday 31st May 2022, 12 - 1pm  Prof Christopher French (Goldsmiths) Ghost Sightings as a Result of Contextual Cues/Prior Expectations  
Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 12 - 1pm Dr Jennifer Corns (Glasgow) Pain Experience  
Tuesday 5th April 2022, 12 - 1pm  Prof Jack Lyons (Glasgow) Philosophical Account of Perceptual Illusions   
Tuesday 29nd March 2022, 12 - 1pm  Dr Rebecca Sharman (Abertay) Camouflage    
Tuesday 8th March 2022, 12 - 1pm  Dr Gavin Buckingham (Exeter)  Haptic Illusions  
Thursday 24nd February 2022, 12 - 1pm  Dr Louise O'Hare (Nottingham Trent) Migraine with Aura  
Tuesday 8th February 2022, 12 - 1pm Dr Gustav Kuhn (Goldsmiths) Visual Attention/Magic