Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Research Seminars 2022/23


The PPN Research Seminar is a joint endeavour to promote interdisciplinary discussion between Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Time: 4pm (but see * in list of seminars below for exceptions)

Venue: Some seminars will take place in person and some by Zoom. Most will be hybrid. Details will be provided via our email list.

In addition to the regular meetings, we hold Work in Progress (WiP) meetings where postgraduates present their work. WiP meetings are identified as such below.

All students, staff and visiting researchers are welcome to attend.




These seminars are jointly sponsored by the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, the Department of Philosophy and the CSPE.

3 October 2022 Dr Jennifer Corns (CSPE, University of Glasgow)
17 October 2022 Dr Kevin J Lande (York University, Canada)
7 November 2022 Prof John Kulvicki (Dartmouth)
14 November 2022 Dr Manolo Martinez (University of Barcelona)
28 November 2022 Professor Alan Gilchrist (Rutgers University)
23 January 2023 Dr E J Green (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
6 February 2023 Professor Zoe Drayson (University of California, Davis)
20 February 2023 Professor Hilla Jacobson (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
6 March 2023 Professor Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia, Canada) - POSTPONED
9 March 2023 Professor John O'Dea (University of Tokyo, Japan) - date changed from 27 February
13 March 2023 Dr Kathleen Vancleef (Durham University)
3 April 2023 Professor Anil Seth (University of Sussex)
17 April 2023 Dr Louise Richardson (University of York, UK)
24 April 2023 Professor Chris Hill (Brown University)
4 May 2023 Jonathan Leighton (Organisation for the Prevention of Intense Suffering)
8 May 2023 Dr. Jessica Thompson (Oxford, UK)
15 May 2023 Dr Cecily Whiteley (University of Cambridge) - Postponed
29 May 2023 Prof Robert Briscoe (Ohio University)
12 June 2023 Dr. Sam Clarke (Penn)