Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Research Seminars 2021/22

First Semester 2021/22

27 September
Title: The illusory and hallucinatory nature of dreams
Speaker: Fiona Macpherson (CSPE, University of Glasgow)

4 October
Title: Overlap and confusion between imagination and perception
Speaker: Nadine Diijkstra (The Metalab, UCL) 

18 October at *NOON*
Title: A mathematician’s view of depth illusion
Speaker: Kokichi Sugihara (Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences)

1 November
Title: Mundane Hallucinations and New Wave Relationalism
Speaker: Jacob Beck (Philosophy, York University)

22 November
Title: Characterization of Standing Mental States
Speaker: Katalin Farkas (Philosophy, Central European University)

29 November at *1pm*
Title: Psychedelics, Atheism and Naturalism: Myth and Reality
Speaker: Chris Letheby (Philosophy, University of Western Australia)

6 December
Title: What is lucid about dreamless sleep?
Speaker: Adriana Alcaraz Sanchez (Philosophy and Psychology, University of Glasgow)

Second Semester 2021/22

10 January
Title: Concept-driven suppositional scenarios
Speaker: Nicholas Shea (Institute of Philosophy, University of London)

24 January
Title: Multisensory perception, memory and learning
Speaker: Ladan Shams (Psychology & Neuroscience, UCLA)

21 February - To be rescheduled
Title: TBA
Speaker: Anil Seth (Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, University of Sussex)

14 March
Title: Inner Speech in Autism
Speaker: Marta Jorba (Philosohpy, Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)

28 March
Title: Rules for Neurons
Speaker: John Morrison (Philosophy, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA)

25 April - WIP session
Title: Hermeneutics of illness: How the experience of mental disorder is shaped by self-interpretation
Speaker: Jodie Russell (PhD student in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh)

16 May
Title: Why we need joint perception
Speaker: Ophelia Deroy (Philosophy & Neuroscience, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

23 May - Rescheduled to fall 2022
Title: TBA
Speaker: Kathleen Akins (Philosophy, Simon Fraser University)

13 June *This session will be hybrid (in person & online)*
Title: Pain Fallibility
Speaker: Jennifer Corns (Philosophy, University of Glasgow)