Dr Derek Brown

  • Lecturer in Philosophy (Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience) (Philosophy)

Research interests

I work in philosophy of perception and philosophy mind more broadly with particular interest in philosophy of colour and ‘indirect’ approaches to perception. I regularly collaborate with artists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and musicians on various aspects of perception.


Nov. 2017 Mind Association Conference grant for Depiction, Pictorial Experience, and Vision Science workshop (£1500).

June 2017 Scots Philosophical Association grant for Particularity of Perception workshop (£1500).

June 2016 Special Research Grant from Associate Vice-President Research at BU for You Can’t See Through White ($3,000).

Sept. 2015 Templeton Foundation grant, via New Directions in the Study of Mind Project at Cambridge University, for Colour primitivism and non-reductive minds. (£14,000)

Jan. 2015 Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) grant for collaborative artistic project You Can’t See Through White with Ben Davis (visual artist) and Eric Platz (percussionist). ($4,000)

Nov. 2014 Special Research Grant from Vice-President Academic at BU for You Can’t See Through White pilot ($3,500).

Mar. 2012 Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) International Exchange Programme Grant to be Visiting Scholar at University of Glasgow Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Philosophy Department, Sept.-Dec. 2012 (£3,000).

Apr. 2010 Awarded 2-year BURC research grant. ($4,000)

Apr. 2009 Awarded special research grant from VP Academic at Brandon University. ($3,000)

Oct. 2007 BURC travel grant ($500).

Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota research grant ($1,000).

Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota teaching enhancement grant ($750).

Apr. 2003 Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($16,000).

2000 - 2003 Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Ph.D. grant – 3 years funding ($48,000).