Dr Derek Brown

  • Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)

Research interests

I work in philosophy of perception and philosophy mind more broadly with particular interest in philosophy of colour and ‘indirect’ approaches to perception. I regularly collaborate with artists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and musicians on various aspects of perception.


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June 2018 Scots Philosophical Association grant for Depiction, Pictorial Experience and Vision Science workshop (£1500).

Mar. 2018 British Society of Aesthetics Conference grant for Depiction, Pictorial Experience and Vision Science (£5000).

Nov. 2017 Mind Association Conference grant for Depiction, Pictorial Experience, and Vision Science workshop (£1500).

June 2017 Scots Philosophical Association grant for Particularity of Perception workshop (£1500).

June 2016 Special Research Grant from Associate Vice-President Research at BU for You Can’t See Through White ($3,000).

Sept. 2015 Templeton Foundation grant, via New Directions in the Study of Mind Project at Cambridge University, for Colour primitivism and non-reductive minds. (£14,000)

Jan. 2015 Brandon University Research Committee (BURC) grant for collaborative artistic project You Can’t See Through White with Ben Davis (visual artist) and Eric Platz (percussionist). ($4,000)

Nov. 2014 Special Research Grant from Vice-President Academic at BU for You Can’t See Through White pilot ($3,500).

Mar. 2012 Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) International Exchange Programme Grant to be Visiting Scholar at University of Glasgow Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Philosophy Department, Sept.-Dec. 2012 (£3,000).

Apr. 2010 Awarded 2-year BURC research grant. ($4,000)

Apr. 2009 Awarded special research grant from VP Academic at Brandon University. ($3,000)

Oct. 2007 BURC travel grant ($500).

Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota research grant ($1,000).

Oct. 2005 University of Minnesota teaching enhancement grant ($750).

Apr. 2003 Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($16,000).

2000 - 2003 Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Ph.D. grant – 3 years funding ($48,000).


I am interested in supervising masters and doctoral projects in virtually any topic in philosophy of mind, but especially topics in philosophy of perception. Some fairly broad options include:

- colour (and other sensory qualities)

- theories of perception (representationalism, naive realism, sense-datum theory)

- perceptual experience (phenomenology, qualia)

- perceptual directedness (acquaintance, representation)

- cognition and perception

- imagination and perception

- technology and perception (VR, AR)


I am also happy to suggest specific projects that are ripe for a contermporary philosophical treatment.


Please don't hesitate to write with queries.


I typically teach one of our MSc courses in Philosophy of Mind, portions or all of JH7 Philosophy of Mind (3rd year undergraduate), and portions or all of SH10 Philosophy of Perception (4th year undergraduate).