Transformation Strategy

Our Ambition

WCGT will be the catalyst for pioneering change and enabling excellence across the University of Glasgow. Our core value is to develop and engage our people to help them shape the higher education institution of the future.

Our Purpose

WCGT will identify, shape and deliver innovative initiatives that anticipate the future needs of the people and the environment around us, preparing our people, systems and processes to meet those needs.

Our Objectives

World-Changing Glasgow Transformation will:

  • Be a positive and practical disruptor to the status quo, enabling excellence through new ways of doing things and new ways of delivering services'
  • Join up the dots' of change happening across the institution to maximise impact and build the bridge between addressing today’s challenges with the longer term strategic intent of the University
  • Focus on transformational initiatives that cross organisational boundaries to positively impact on the staff and student experience of the University of Glasgow
  • Enable the University to make the best use of our resources by becoming more effective and efficient in how we deliver services for staff and students. Ultimately this will help the University to generate savings to reinvest in strategic priorities
  • Create a culture of innovation to ensure the University leadership, its teams and our students have the capability, confidence and appetite for longer-term change.

The first wave of projects is:

  • The HR Recruitment process review: creating a simpler, more consistent approach to how we manage the end to end recruitment process
  • Assessment & Feedback: a fundamental redesign of our approach to supporting assessment and feedback, drawing on excellent and innovative practice across the sector and within the University to define and deliver a well-supported future state for the University which will represent “best in class” in assessment and feedback within Higher Education.
  • Learning & Teaching hub: focusing on the L&T service delivery model, the support to the implementation of a new service desk model and refreshed facilities service 
  • End to end student journey: combining how we market the University of Glasgow offer with end-to-end recruitment, registration and enrolment and student selected curricula
  • Professional Services programme: starting with IT Operations and the College led reviews of their professional services, extending across all areas of professional services.

Throughout the engagement to develop this strategy, participants were clear that the University of Glasgow is going to change. The role of WCGT is to make sure the change is strategic, targeted and coordinated.