Our student and staff experience is a critical part of what makes the University of Glasgow experience. The Transformation Team focuses on this experience across our projects and how changes, new processes, and services, can create a positive impact.

The focus of our work is understanding the student and staff experience and designing solutions to meet their needs. Design-based approaches such as service design, designing thinking, and UX (user experience) help us to deliver this value. 

This website has been created to provide staff with tools and techniques that can be used to design and deliver projects within their own business units. If you wish to know more about any of the information provided or how you might be able to put it into practice we'd love to hear from you.

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The Transformation Team Design Principles

Icons of design principles including collaborative, human-centred and Agile

The Transformation Team Design Toolkit

How to get involved

As a staff member, how can you get involved?

Our Change Network was created as an approach to embed and sustain change within the institution. Each college and job family is represented, in a community who believes in and wants change.

Join the UofG Change Network and connect with hundreds of your colleagues.

As a student, how can you get involved?

Join the Student Forum for University-Wide Projects to be kept updated on any opportunities to share your experience and ideas for change. Where this research involves you giving up your time to help us, you will be paid for taking part.

How we can help

The Transformation Design Team can share a range of user research and collaborative design methods with your team. 

Get in touch with us at servicedesign@glasgow.ac.uk to explore the ways we can help.