Training Resources

A range of training resources to support you through the implementation of the tools available for Assessment and Feedback. These will be relevant for the aspects outlined in this graphic.

The materials available will provide you with practical information on the Moodle Enhancements and Grade Capture Aggregation Tool plug-ins 

Please note: Our staff training guides and videos are being updated/uploaded throughout June and July. 
They are correct as of 08 June 2021. 

Using the training resources

I am a new member of staff/not familiar with Moodle or assessment and feedback at the University

Firstly, don't worry! We do only cover the training needed to use the new Moodle enhancements, so our recommendation is:

I have attended a live training session and want to refresh my knowledge

Great! You can find videos and guides to help you do this.

Downloadable training guides (Word format)

Moodle Enhancements Training Guide

GCAT Training Guide

If you are setting up a Moodle page to be accessed by students from one course:

Online Moodle Enhancements Guide (fully accessible)

Online Grade Capture and Aggregation Tool (GCAT) Guide (fully accessible)

If you are setting up a Moodle page to be accessed by students from multiple courses or programmes:

Moodle Enhancements Guide

Grade Capture and Aggregation Tool (GCAT) Guide

I can't attend a training session but would like to learn on my own

No problem, we've got everything you need.


Staff Training User Guides

Online guides (fully accessible)
Downloadable guides (Word format)

Videos - supplementary content

Here you can find some additional tutorial videos. The content in these is often specific to particular areas, so may not appear in the general training videos. We will add more to this section throughout May and June.

Setting up draft submissions for Turnitin review by students - subtitled video.

Recorded Sessions

If you missed a session, don't worry! We have provided recorded content for you below:


Training Logistics and Overview 

My Programme or School will be using the new functionality. When will I hear what I have to do?

If you have been identified by your College as someone who will be using the new functionality, you will receive a welcome email and some invitations to dedicated sessions to get you up to speed. Don't worry if you haven't received anything yet - these sessions are being hosted over the coming months and invitations being sent out in a specific order.

When will I receive my invite to training? 
We are hosting multiple training sessions over the coming months and are sending the invites out in a specific order. If you have received your introductory email, you’ll receive your training invite shortly. If you haven't yet received your introductory email, don't worry - you can expect to see this in the coming weeks as we continue to roll out

How will the training be delivered? 
Your training session will be delivered via Zoom, with the joining link and instructions sent to you in advance. If you need help downloading and using Zoom, you can visit this link. We will also be recording each session and this will be made available to attendees on our Training Hub, alongside our other resources.

Can I choose my training session? 
We will work with your School to agree dates and times of sessions. If you are unwell or unable to attend we will do our best to place you in another session.

I am not familiar with Moodle; do you provide training on this?

No. However the University provides online Moodle training on the How to Moodle pages. You can also find further guidance on the Moodle website.

What topics will training sessions cover? 

         1) How to configure Moodle including Gradebook to work with the new solution

         2) How to make the most of the Grade Capture and Aggregation Tool (GCAT)

         3) Overview of how using these new plugins contributes to the Student Dashboard and the benefits we hope this will bring to our students

Where can I watch a demo of the new functionality? 

We will soon be uploading a demo video to this website, but in the meantime, you will be able to view a demo of the new functionality at your Welcome Session.


Setting up and using the plug-ins

Moodle Enhancements

Do I have to change my Moodle page formats? Do I have to keep all my assessments for a programme on one page

No - you can continue to use your existing format for setting up course pages.

Student Dashboard

How do I switch on the Student Dashboard?
You can switch on or off the display of assessment information for each Moodle page on the Student Dashboard by going to the settings cog in GCAT. Other than that, the Student Dashboard takes all its information automatically from the information that's you've already set up in Moodle and GCAT.

I hid a student's provisional grade from the Student Dashboard, and am now ready to release it. When I click the "Release provisional grades" button in GCAT, will all students be notified of this, even if their provisional grade was released previously?
Yes - clicking "Release provisional grades" notifies all students that provisional grades have been released to the Student Dashboard. We are aware that this is not always appropriate, and have added a review of this feature to our continuous improvement list.

Does the Student Dashboard display information for all levels of study?
The Student Dashboard can display assessment information for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students. These students must be enrolled on courses for which the Student Dashboard is enabled.

Do staff have access to Student Dashboards?
No - we recommend that students send staff members screenshots if there is something in particular on the Dashboard they want to share.

Which activity types will work with the Student Dashboard?

The Student Dashboard can display grades from Assignment or Forum activities. The Student Dashboard can also display grades from Moodle Quiz, provided the quiz has been set up as a formative assessment.

Can I display the results of a Moodle Quiz work on the Student Dashboard?Currently, Moodle Quiz can only be used to display results for formative assessments on the Student Dashboard. Grades from quizzes cannot be aggregated by GCAT. Grades from summative quizzes will be available to aggregate and display on the Student Dashboard over the next few months.


I'm on Moodle but I can't see the GCAT options in my settings menu.

GCAT and the Student Dashboard will not be visible in your Moodle settings until GCAT has been enabled by your School administrator. If you are expecting to see the GCAT settings but they aren't there, contact your School office.

Can student identities be hidden in GCAT?

A member of staff with Manager permissions will be able to hide or reveal student identities by going to the settings cog in GCAT. They are the only members of staff who will be able to see student identities in GCAT.

Is GCAT visible to students?
No, students do not have access to GCAT.

Is GCAT visible to External Examiners and NHS staff?
Yes - if individuals from other organisations are set up to access a course's Moodle page, they will be able to access GCAT. 

What grading schedules can I use with GCAT and the Student Dashboard?

Grades entered using Schedules A or B can be aggregated by GCAT and will display on the Student Dashboard. Grades can also be entered in points or percentages, e.g. for assessments marked using Turnitin Feedback Studio or grades from Moodle Quiz. These can be converted for aggregation into the overall course grade. Students will see the points version, and the 22-point scale version, of their grades on the Student Dashboard.

Which activity types will work with GCAT and the Student Dashboard?

You can use the following activity types with GCAT and the Student Dashboard: Assignment, Forum, Quiz, and Workshop.

Can I update a grade in Moodle after I've imported grades into GCAT?

This is not recommended, and we advise that all updates to grades should take place in GCAT.

I haven't used Gradebook much before; do I need to use it all the time now?

No - there are some settings that must be added in Gradebook, but we cover all of those in training. You can find the written guides here, or the video guides here. Any use of Gradebook that isn't covered by our training is not a requirement for using the plug-ins, and is at the discretion of Schools and Colleges.



Can I get additional support after the training session?

For technical support, please contact the UofGHelpdesk

We will have Q&A sessions following training and the team will be on hand to help if you need additional support

How do I provide feedback about the training I have received? 

You can contact the training team at any time and we will also be doing a survey to get your feedback once you have finished all of your training.


Training Top Tips

✅ Use Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari when using Moodle

✅ Use 'in name only' assessments for offline submission to import other summative activities into GCAT

✅ Use the words summative/formative in your Grade Category names

✅ Use Turnitin Feedback studio for feedback whenever possible

✅ Give the Moodle section in which the assessment sits the same name as the Course, and keep all your assessments there together

✅ Make sure marking workflow is set to 'Yes' if you wish to hide grades from students until you release them to the Student Dashboard