Covid-19 – Social Distancing Policy

Our people are our most important asset and their wellbeing is a priority for the University of Glasgow. We have decided therefore, to take additional steps to protect our employees and to minimise disruption to our services. This includes working from home, staggered work schedules and social distancing.

Where possible, our employees will work from home from today (Wednesday 18th March 2020) for the foreseeable future.

We have technology in place so our teams will still be able to deal with business-critical processes and your enquiry.

Please direct your enquiry to one of the following:

UK Payroll, On-Line Timesheet Approver (set-up or change) & Pensions -

Expenses, NHS, International Payroll & any other matter -

Thank you for your co-operation.


1. Will I still be paid if Pay & Pensions staff are working from home in accordance with the social distancing policy?

Yes, we have technology in place so our teams will still be able to deal with monthly payroll processing and you will be paid on the last working day of the month as normal.

2. I still receive a paper payslip will that continue?

With building closures we cannot guarantee the security of paper payslips, all staff will now need to access their payslip via the Core HR/Payroll system.

3. What is the position on sick pay for staff who are absent as a result of contracting Covid-19?

Where individuals are absent from work due to sickness as a result of Covid-19 (or suspected Covid-19) then normal sick pay rules will apply.

4. What happens if I’m going on maternity leave?

The normal maternity pay arrangements will continue to apply during this time.

5. I have an hourly-paid contract, what is the position on pay for scheduled work that is cancelled for reasons relating to Covid-19?

Where the University has offered hours and you have accepted and the work is subsequently cancelled for reasons relating to Covid-19, then payment for this work will be honoured. Your normal department contact will be able to provide further details on request. Claims should be made through the normal timesheet process with the Core HR/Payroll system.

6. I am due to retire soon, will I still receive my benefits on time?

Retirement processing will continue as normal although you may be asked to provide information electronically rather than by post. If this applies you will be notified.

7. Do I still need to pay for my parking permit while working from home?

Senior management have agreed that all parking permit payroll deductions will stop for the time being.  Your April 2020 payment has already been processed, however, this deduction will be refunded to you in your May 2020.

The car parking team will be in touch with permit holders when we start to come back onto campus regarding reinstating the monthly payroll deductions and any changes to the parking scheme as a result of Covid-19.

8. Do I still need to pay my Sport membership while the facilities are suspended?

All Sport memberships have been suspended and will restart when the facilities reopen. You will not be charged during the period of closure. Members have been contacted directly via email regarding their individual membership.

9. Can I still submit an expenses claim?

Yes, we have technology in place so our teams will still be able to deal with weekly expense processing. In terms of COVID-19 and staff working from home the basic principles of the staff expenses policy remains in place. Before any making a personal purchase, you should fully check with your department or College Finance Office that there is no alternative method available. Please see the Finance & Procurement Office FAQs for further details.

10. Do the normal payroll deadlines still apply for online timesheets etc?

Yes, the normal deadline dates will continue to apply. You can find the deadline dates at

11. Will I still get my P60 at the tax year end?

Yes, P60s will be available to view in Core Portal after the tax year end as normal and you’ll receive an email notification when they are available.

12. I am due to leave the University soon. Will I still receive my P45?

Yes, these will be sent electronically if it is not possible to send by post.

13. How do I contact Pay & Pensions if I have an enquiry?

You can email us at one of the email addresses below:

UK Payroll, On-Line Timesheet Approver (set-up or change) & Pensions –

Expenses, NHS, International Payroll & any other matter -

Further information

Service Level Commitment

  • Ensure that accurate payments are made to staff in line with the monthly deadlines
  • Ensure that there is effective communication between University staff and external pension administrators on pension benefits or issues and that issues are resolved in an effective and sensitive manner.

This section is responsible for the following:

  • Payment of Salaries
  • Pensions
  • Statutory Payments
  • Payment of Business Related Expenses

Payslips on your Mobile phone

Did you know you can now view your payslip on your mobile phone or tablet device?

Undertanding your USS Pension Scheme

This course is designed for individuals, both existing and new members of staff, who would like an overview of the main provisions of the USS pension scheme. It will enable staff to understand the benefits provided by the USS scheme and understand how to enhance their pension provision. The course presenter is Jim Ross, Head of Pay & Pensions.

During this workshop you will:

  • gain a broad understanding of the benefits provided by USS
  • learn about the main differences between defined benefit and defined contribution schemes
  • become familiar with how your contributions are invested and how you can influence your investments
  • understand how you can enhance your pension benefits

Date: 22/01/18
Time: 14:00 - 16:00

To book a place or to add your name to the waiting list please login to the HR Self Service Portal

From your Employee Dashboard select the Learning & Development tab and then type the word Pension into the 'Keywords' search box in the Book a Course section.

National Insurance (NI) and State Pension changes from 6 April 2016

Click on the link below for full details of the changes:

How to get a National Insurance number

If you have mislaid or can't find your National Insurance number you can request confirmation from HMRC. This online request can also be used to update your name and address - the online form can be found at :

Do not complete this form if you:

  • have never had a National Insurance number before and are under age 20 - phone the National Insurance Registration Helpline on Tel 0845 915 7006 for advice
  • have never had a National Insurance number before, are aged 20 or over and have never had Child Benefit claimed for you - phone Jobcentre Plus on Tel 0845 6000 643 for advice or go to:

Remember, when you receive your National Insurance number you must provide a copy to this office. You can update Pay & Pensions by e-mailing

If you’re moving to the UK

You may have a National Insurance (NI) number printed on the back of your biometric residence permit (BRP). You don’t need to apply for a National Insurance number if you already have one, or one is printed on your BRP.

If you don’t have a National Insurance number, you must apply. You can only apply for it once you’re in the UK. You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number.

You need to apply by phone for a National Insurance number.

National Insurance number application line
Telephone: 0345 600 0643
Textphone: 0345 600 0644
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

Tell HMRC about a change to your personal details

If any of your personal details have changed, it is important that you inform HMRC as this could cause delays in processing future information or returns. It could also delay the processing and award of any benefit claims or renewal claims you make, for example tax credits or universal credits.

All you have to do is click on

This is a much quicker route for personal details to be updated. You just need to provide your National Insurance Number and your new details.

The form is really quick and easy to complete and it saves time and expense in writing or phoning.

Is your tax code wrong?

If you've received a PAYE Coding Notice and you think that the tax code is wrong, it's important to let HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) know. You can use the email service to let them know that your tax code is wrong and give them details of your income to help them work out your correct tax code.

Before you start to complete the online form it’s important that you have all the information below to hand.

  • your National Insurance number
  • your contact email address
  • your full name, including any middle name(s)
  • your date of birth
  • your weekly amount of any State Pension / State Benefits
  • your estimated income for the relevant tax year (including salary and any company pension)
  • your employer tax reference number (the University's tax reference number is 961 3201755)
  • your employee payroll / staff number
  • if you are receiving a company pension, your pension provider tax reference number
  • your other income such as income from property or interest

When you've got all the information to hand, use the link below to start filling in the form.

Tell HMRC that your tax code is wrong

HMRC will send you an acknowledgement that they have received the information from you.

They will aim to deal with your query within 15 working days and will email you to let you know if they have updated your tax code.

State Pension Age

The state pension age is increasing and more people now have individual state pension ages depending on their date of birth. You can check your state pension age at the government website below: