Frequently Asked Questions: Parking

How long is a permit valid for?

Permits are only valid for 12 months and MUST be re-applied for each year.

What questions will be asked in the permit application form?

The application process will ask a series of questions and/or offer options including:

  1. Option to select a blue badge permit
  2. Your requirements for using a vehicle for business purposes
  3. Confirming if you have caring responsibilities for dependants
  4. Confirmation if you have contractual requirements to work early or late
  5. Commuting Journey Options - access to realistic alternatives for travel by public transport

As well as answering which scenarios are applicable, you will have the opportunity to provide further details about your personal situation to help support your application.

Who is eligible to apply for a permit?

Individuals who hold a contract of employment with the University and staff members working in named affiliate organisations, as noted below, will be eligible to make an application: SRC, GUU, QMU, Beatson Institute (Garscube), University of Glasgow Nursery or Glasgow University Heritage Retail Ltd.

Students and eligible staff from approved affiliate organisations will be required to create an account and register before making an application. This is clearly indicated on the portal.

Unless they are a blue badge holder, students will only be eligible to apply for a permit at Garscube.

When can I make an application?

The permit application window is open during June and July each year which is communicated in MyGlasgow news. Specific dates will be communicated at the time.

How long does it take to fill in an application?

Generally, applications should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Of course, completion time will vary depending on individual responses. Furthermore, we advise that you put time aside to read through the Terms and Conditions and prepare any supporting documents before submitting your application.

I didn’t know I had to apply each year. What can I do to get a new one?

Unfortunately, as it clearly states that permits are valid for a 12 month period in the Terms and Conditions that you previously agreed to, we cannot offer you a new permit unless you meet the criteria to applying outwith the permit application window.

I missed the application window. Can I still apply?

You can still apply if you meet the criteria for applying outwith the application window. See link for more information

I was unsuccessful this year, can I apply for next year?

Yes. You can apply for a permit every year, regardless of the outcome.

Is there any help available for individuals who wish to make an application?

If you are struggling with any part of your parking application, please read through these FAQs in full, as your question may be answered. If it is not answered, please email We will be happy to assist you.

Can I apply for more than one permit?

No. Only one application per person can be made each year.

If you are unsuccessful in your initial application, you cannot apply for an alternative permit-type.

You should carefully consider which permit type you wish to apply for at the outset.

If you do apply for more than one application, only your first application will be considered.

I am contracted to work on both campuses. Which campus do I apply for?

Please contact

I am a Blue Badge holder. Do I still have to apply for a permit?

Yes. Blue Badge holders (staff and students) are eligible to a standard annual permit at no cost.

Blue Badge holders must register on the permit system and submit an application, selecting the Blue Badge permit type.

You will be required to provide a copy of the front and rear of your valid Blue Badge to support your application.

I am a new staff member. Can I apply for a permit outwith the official permit application window?

Yes. Please contact

What provision is made for temporary mobility issues?

In cases of temporary or short-term health issues where an applicant is expected to make a full recovery, we can issue a temporary permit of up to 12 weeks maximum.

In cases of long-term health or mobility issues, input from the University's Occupational Health Unit is required. Please refer to the policy for Temporary Mobility Issues.

I am pregnant and going on maternity leave. Can I put my permit on hold?

Yes. If you return to work within the current valid permit year, we will put your permit on hold.

If you return to work in the following years' permit allocation, you can apply for a new permit here. If you require further details or assistance, please contact

How will you check the validity of applications?

Evidence-based information will be required in response to some questions to support an application by way of proof documentation.

This may include:

  • A copy of a valid blue badge (front and rear) in the name of the applicant;
  • An official document confirming the home address of the applicant (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, mobile phone bill);
  • A document containing a screenshot of your personal Journey Plan created from Traveline Scotland;
  • The name of the applicant's line manager in order to check job role, business needs and contractual start/finish times.

How will applications be assessed?

Undertaking a fair and consistent approach, our assessing team will award points to each of the applicant's answers to questions and any evidence that they provided on their application form.

In order to decide how many permits can be issued within the year in terms of effectively managing the parking on each campus, our team must consider the number of applications received and the availability of parking supply.

Each year, a points threshold will be applied to the process. Applicants who meet or exceed this threshold will qualify for a permit. This threshold is likely to change each year, depending on the number of applications received.

How will you treat my personal information?

We exclusively gather the necessary information to allow applications to be processed fairly. All information and evidence is treated in confidence and according to the University’s Data Protection Protocols. All data processing will comply with GDPR.

What permit types are available?

  • Standard Annual Permit
  • Occasional Permit
  • Blue Badge
  • Motorcycle Permit
  • Visitor Permit

Restrictions may apply across different campuses, and we encourage you to check the terms of each permit scheme.

I do not need to bring my car to work/study every day, but I do need my car occasionally. What permit is most appropriate for infrequent car use?

Occasional permits are seen as a means to support staff who have occasional business duties requiring a vehicle (for example, running events or travelling on business), occasional caring responsibilities requiring access to a car or weather-dependent car use (for example, a regular cyclist who may want to avoid windy or icy days).

The Occasional Permit will allow eligible individuals to purchase blocks of 10 days parking up to a maximum of 120 days within a permit year. Eligibility for this permit will also be subject to assessment against the scheme criteria.

Can my vouchers for my Occasional Permit be carried over to the next years permit?

Unfortunately not. The system is not configured to do that. We would encourage colleagues to ensure they have used their vouchers by the end of the permit year.

How will I pay for my permit?

Staff who are allocated a standard permit will have the cost deducted from their salary in equal monthly instalments.

Students and anyone who is not paid directly by the University will be asked to make a payment by credit or debit card for the relevant permit cost. We do not offer the option to pay by direct debit.

Staff or students allocated an occasional permit will pay as they go by purchasing a block of 10 days parking. They will purchase additional blocks of parking as and when required and can use up to the maximum of 120 days in a year.

Vouchers are non-refundable so we encourage colleagues to use up their vouchers by the end of the year.

If I no longer require my permit, will it be cancelled?

It is your responsibility to inform us if the permit is no longer required. You can do this by logging in to your car parking account and follow the instructions to cancel your permit. Once this is received, the parking team will cancel the permit and inform payroll of the cancellation if applicable.

Are car-sharing arrangements taken into account in allocating permits?

We are looking at various options which may be considered as additional criteria in future application rounds.

Do staff who are currently on long-term leave need to apply during the application window?

Please contact for more details.

Will Garscube permit holders still be able to park at Gilmorehill for meetings under the new system?

No. Permits will be issued for a specific campus and these are non-transferable. However it is recognised that staff may be required to travel to another campus on business. Staff with a permit for Garscube or Gilmorehill can pre-book a visitor space at the other campus (subject to availability) if they wish to park on the other campus. Visitor parking charges as a result of business travel can be claimed back through expenses in the same way as train or bus travel costs. Contact if you have any more questions.

Can visitors be guaranteed a parking space?

Gilmorehill and Garscube will have designated visitor spaces available for pre-booking up to two months in advance. Visitor spaces will be subject to the relevant visitor parking fee and availability on the desired day, with visitor permits being issued in line with the number of available spaces.

A flat rate charge of £6 per day or £3 per half-day will be applicable and permits can be issued in increments of 0.5 days. The number of visitor spaces at each campus will be reviewed regularly and may be subject to change depending on demand.

Will permit holders be guaranteed a parking space?

For Gilmorehill and Garscube, as under the current scheme, a permit will not guarantee a parking space but it offers the right to enter the campus and look for a space. A permit also does not guarantee a space in any particular car park at these locations. For Tay House permits a specific parking space will be allocated within a designated local car park. Permits are issued for a specific campus and are not transferable.

What measures will be taken to prevent non-permit holders parking on campus?

A number of people flagged up issues of non-permit holders taking up parking spaces. The new scheme has considered how best to tackle non-compliance to ensure parking spaces are not abused. The new scheme will introduce Parking Charge Notices as part of the parking enforcement which will be issued to the driver of any vehicle who does not comply with the terms and conditions of the new scheme. Please note that Parking Charge Notices will be followed up and wont be ignored.

How much would be the fee for the Parking Charge Notice?

Parking Charge Notice fee will be £60. If paid within 14 days the charge is reduced to £30.

Will the application system allow a member of staff to register two different vehicles?

Yes. The system will be able to allow up to two vehicles to be registered (for instance a spouse’s car). It is the permit holder who is responsible for ensuring the correct vehicles are registered on the system.

Please note only one vehicle will be permitted on campus at any one time or you will be subject to a parking charge notice.

If both vehicles are parked on campus at the same time, and unless they have been approved to do so, the system will flag this and one of the vehicles will be issued with a parking charge notice.

How do I inform you of a change of vehicle?

You can do this by logging into your account and updating your details. It is the permit holders responsibility to ensure that all information on the permit is up to date, including your vehicle registration details.

If you are having issues, please contact

Why will staff arriving by motorcycle have to pay for a permit under the new scheme, as there are no dedicated motorcycle spaces available?

All vehicles need to be actively managed when on campus. Designated motorcycle spaces are formed to accommodate motorcycles. Staff wishing to park their motorcycle on campus will need to apply for a motorcycle permit, selecting the appropriate permit type, and if their application is successful will be required to pay the relevant fee. Motorcycles must be parked within the designated spaces.

Will there be an appeals process for those who are not successful in obtaining a permit?

Yes. Any appeal against the decision whether to issue a permit or not will be dealt with by the University in line with the criteria-based assessment and the scheme’s operating code of practice. Further proof of evidence may be requested.

I have a chronic condition which makes alternative travel to car use difficult, but I don't have a temporary mobility issue nor am I the holder of a Blue Badge

In line with recommended practice, anyone who has a long-term medical condition which would limit their ability to use alternative methods of transport should apply for a Blue Badge, thus, allowing for an independent and consistent assessment of need to be made.

Please find more information on Blue Badge applications here for those based in Glasgow -

If you are not based in Glasgow, please contact your Local Authority.

Why am I asked for address proof as the system has pulled out my address details from the Core HR system?

The University reminds employees regularly to update their details in the HR Core system. No evidence is requested by employees regarding their address details for entries into HR Core. Also not everyone updates the details, so there may be obsolete addresses in Core. To ensure that home address details are correct we ask for address proofs.

I do not have an agreement on late or early working hours in my contract, but I am required to work outwith normal hours frequently

The application asks for early or late finishes that must be part of your contract of employment. These would exclude early starts or late finishes due to personal preference or verbal line manager agreements.

It would include shift work, representative duties for the University at events or similar. Callouts would not be included as they would not be during normal office hours when the scheme is in operation.

No permits are needed to park on the campuses on weekends or after 5 pm. If you frequently are required to work out with normal working hours due to external engagement or event participation, please include these details in your explanation in the text box on business needs.

Please contact if you need more information.

I work often on weekends. How do I reflect this on my application?

Weekend working does not have any relevance to the permit application, as no permit is required for parking on weekends. Please note, that the scheme is active from Monday till Friday, 08:30-17:00. Only vehicles parked on campus during these times are subject to the new parking scheme.

I have uploaded some of my evidence, but still have to upload more. Is this possible?

All evidence should be uploaded in one session, as you will not be able to revisit and edit the application after. If you want to add more information, you would be required to delete the current application and to start a new application.

Can I edit my application?

No. The application portal does not allow editing of applications. You would be required to delete the current application and to start a new application.

I will move house between application and launch of the scheme. I currently do not hold any address proofs for my new address. How can I apply?

Please contact explaining your circumstances.

I want to upload evidence on support needs for a disabled person I care for. How can I do this?

Under the Care Responsibility section of the application, you are provided with a textbox to elaborate on the care for dependants and how this relates to your need of parking at the University. Please use the textbox to provide details on why you would need your car to fulfil the care responsibility and the nature of care given.

Is there a pro-rata permit for part time staff?

In line with practice to date, and including the old parking scheme, the permit scheme only allows applications for standard and occasional permits. Currently, there is no permit available for part-time staff that would be paid pro-rata. This may be introduced in future application rounds.

An Equality Impact Assessment has been conducted during the consultation phase for the scheme and is on our web pages for details.

The name on my address proof does not match the name I use at the University. What should I do?

Please email with both, the name your records are in and the name you use for your application.

Lilybank Gardens Car Park - can University employees use this car park if they hold a permit?

Yes. This car park is still open for use for valid Gilmorehill standard permit holders ONLY. If you hold any other permit type, you cannot park there. You MUST contact if you wish to park here. You MUST display a valid permit on your dashboard to avoid getting a penalty charge notice by Glasgow City Council.

I got a parking ticket while parking at Lilybank Gardens car park. Why do I need to contact the council?

The car park at Lilybank Gardens is managed by Glasgow City Council and is enforced by them and not the University of Glasgow. The University of Glasgow has no powers regarding enforcement for the car park therefore contact must be made with the Council as per the instructions on the ticket.

Why do I have to display a permit on my dashboard at Lilybank Gardens?

You MUST display a valid permit on your dashboard to park at Lilybank Gardens car park. The permit is only valid for the duration of your standard Gilmorehill Permit (1st January to 31st December).

Each year a new permit will be issued to colleagues who request a Lilybank Gardens permit. These will not automatically be issued to you and you must contact to request one.

The permit will have a valid from and to date and also display vehicle registration. The software that the council currently uses is not interfacing with our software which is why we have to provide permits to display on vehicles.

We are continuing to work with our software provider and the council to resolve this issue.

You must clearly display your permit on the dashboard of your car or you will be subject to a penalty charge notice issued by Glasgow City Council.

Are Lilybank Gardens permits issued each year?

Yes. The parking team issue Lilybank Gardens Permits to colleagues who request one who hold a valid in year standard permit for Gilmorehill. You must contact if you wish a permit for this car park. The permits must contain a valid registration matching the vehicle parked or there will be a Penalty Charge Notice issued by the Council.

I have lost my Lilybank Gardens Permit, what do I do?

Contact Please note that you cannot park in Lilybank Gardens car park if you do not display a valid permit on your dashboard. If you are waiting for a replacement permit, please park elsewhere on campus until you receive your new permit or you can pay to park in Lilybank Gardens car park.

Can I park in Lilybank Gardens on street parking bays?

No. These parking bays on University Gardens are not park of the agreement we have with the Council. Only parking within the main car park at Ashton Lane is permitted, only if you have a valid Gilmorehill standard permit. You will be issued a penalty charge notice if you park in the pay and display bays at Lilybank Gardens unless you have paid to park there using the pay and display machines.

I am getting a new car, what do I do with my Lilybank Gardens permit if it shows my old registration?

You must return your old permit to the parking team who will issue a new one on receipt of your old permit with the details of your new vehicle.

I have lost my staff card – how do I gain entry via the barriers?

If you have lost your card, please go to the University Library who will issue you with a new card. Please contact if there is an issue with access to barriers.

Can employees of organisations that work closely with the University, but are not on the ‘affiliate’ list apply?

The scheme only allows applications by employees of the following organisations for affiliate permits: 

  • Queen Margaret Union
  • Glasgow University Union
  • Student Representative Council
  • CRUK Beatson Institute
  • Glasgow University Heritage Retail Limited
  • University Nursery

Are the University offering any incentives to travel by public transport?

Feedback from consultations indicated support for further incentives to encourage public transport travel. University has recently launched two new travel discount schemes for staff to help reduce the cost of their commute, whether travelling by bus or rail. The incentives include an interest-free rail season ticket loan or interest-free loan to purchase an annual SPT zone card allowing unlimited journeys on bus, train and subway; and a Bus Travel Discount Scheme with a 10% discount on a monthly mTicket from FirstBus Glasgow.

These are in addition to existing schemes such as Cycle Plus, JourneyShare and free NextBike Hire. Further information can be found here:

Where can I get more information on my travel options?

The University has information on Cycling, Walking, Buses, Trains, Underground and help on journey planning at the following pages:

You can also find useful resources on Travel Line and SPT.

If I am not successful in applying for a new parking permit and have to use public transport, I will take longer to travel to work

The University has a Flexible Working Policy, which can be accessed at:

The University will consider every reasonable request for flexible working from staff that meets the eligibility criteria.

How do I create and upload the Traveline JourneyPlan?

The Traveline Journeyplan can be created from the webpage

Provide your home postcode into the ‘From’ box. Provide your campus postcode into the ‘To’ box.

  • Gilmorehill Campus: G12 8QQ
  • Garscube Campus (Veterinary School): G61 1QH
  • Garscube Campus: G61 1BD
  • Tay House: G2 4LH

The journeyplan will be generated by the website.

The journeyplan shows the route on the map and gives an overview of public transport options on the left hand side.

Take a screenshot of the journeyplan with pressing the ‘Print Screen’ button on the keyboard, open a word document and copy the screenshot into the word document with pressing ‘CTRL+V’. Save the file.

Upload the saved file as part of your application.


How can I issue a journeyplan that includes detours due to my care responsibilities?

Your journeyplan should only show the direct route from home to the University. Please disregard any stops you may make to fulfil care responsibilities such as for drop-offs of children at schools or nurseries, or visits to other dependants on the way to school. These journeys should be described in the care responsibility section of the application, but not be part of the journeyplan screenshot.

My journeyplan comes up blank and no travel options are shown. What should I do?

This may happen due to cut-off settings in the journeyplan software. Please email if this happens and provide your home and work postcode. We will then give you further instructions on what to do in such a case.

Can I apply for a parking permit and participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Those who have a standard parking permit through the Car Parking Scheme are not eligible to participate in Cycle Plus. Occasional use parking permit holders may still be eligible to participate in Cycle Plus should they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Can I reserve a parking space on campus for works happening or an event?

Yes. Please contact with details of your requirement. All requests for reserving spaces/coning areas must be approved by the parking team in the first instance.