Frequently Asked Questions: Parking

How long is a permit valid for?

All Permit types are valid for 12 months and MUST be re-applied for each year. if you apply for a permit within the permit year (1st September to 31st August) your permit will be valid for the remaining months of the permit year eg. apply for a permit in April, your permit will be valid from April to August). 

What questions will be asked in the permit application form?

The application process will ask a series of questions depending on the type of permit you apply for including:

  1. Option to select a blue badge permit
  2. Your requirements for using a vehicle for business purposes
  3. Confirming if you have caring responsibilities 
  4. Confirmation if you have contractual requirements to work early or late
  5. Commuting Journey Options - access to realistic alternatives for travel by public transport

As well as answering which scenarios are applicable, you will have the opportunity to provide further details about your personal situation to help support your application.

Who is eligible to apply for a permit?

Individuals who hold a contract of employment with the University and staff members working in named affiliate organisations, as noted below, will be eligible to make an application: SRC, GUU, QMU, Beatson Institute (Garscube), University of Glasgow Nursery or Glasgow University Heritage Retail Ltd.

Students and eligible staff from approved affiliate organisations will be required to create an account and register before making an application. This is clearly indicated on the portal.

Unless they are a blue badge holder, students will only be eligible to apply for a permit at Garscube.

When can I make an application?

The permit application window will be available during June and July each year.  The permit year begins on 1st September each year.  Specific timeline for the application process will be communicated to colleagues prior to the window opening.

How long does it take to complete an application?

Generally, applications should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Of course, completion time will vary depending on individual responses. Furthermore, we advise that you put time aside to read through the Terms and Conditions and prepare any supporting documents before submitting your application.

I was unsuccessful last year, can I apply this year?

Yes. You can apply for a permit every year, regardless of the outcome.

Is there help available for colleagues who need assistance in making an application?

If you are unsure with any part of your parking application, please contact us by emailing where we will be more than happy to guide you through the application process. 

I am contracted to work on both campuses. Which campus do I apply for?

Please contact for more details.  We will be able to advise colleagues on an individual basis.

I am a Blue Badge holder. Do I still have to apply for a permit?

Yes. Blue Badge holders (staff and students) are still required to be registered on the permit system. 

You will be required to provide a copy of the front and back of your valid Blue Badge to support your application.

I am a new staff member. Can I apply for a permit outwith the official permit application window?

Yes. Please contact and we will go over the process with you.

What provision is made for temporary mobility issues?

In cases of temporary or short-term health issues where an applicant is expected to make a full recovery, we can issue a temporary permit of up to 12 weeks maximum.

Please contact us for more details 

I am pregnant and going on maternity leave. Can I put my permit on hold?

Yes. If you return to work within the current valid permit year, we will put your permit on hold.

If you return to work in the following years' permit allocation, you can apply for a new permit here. If you require further details or assistance, please contact

How will you check the validity of applications?

Evidence-based information will be required in response to some questions to support an application by way of proof documentation.

This may include:

  • A copy of a valid blue badge (front and rear) in the name of the applicant only;
  • An official document confirming the home address of the applicant (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, mobile phone bill);
  • A document containing a screenshot of your personal Journey Plan created from Traveline Scotland;
  • The name of the applicant's line manager 

How will applications be assessed?

Undertaking a fair and consistent approach, our assessing team will award points to each of the applicant's answers to questions and any evidence that they provided on their application form.

In order to decide how many permits can be issued within the year in terms of effectively managing the parking on each campus, our team must consider the number of applications received and the availability of parking supply.

A points threshold is applied to the process. Applicants who meet or exceed this threshold will qualify for a permit. This threshold may change each year, depending on the number of applications received.

How will you treat my personal information?

We exclusively gather the necessary information to allow applications to be processed fairly. All information and evidence is treated in confidence and according to the University’s Data Protection Protocols. All data processing will comply with GDPR. 

Can my vouchers for my Occasional Permit be carried over to the next year?

Unfortunately not. The system is not configured to do that. We would encourage colleagues to ensure they have used their vouchers by the end of the permit year.

How do I pay for my permit?

Staff who are allocated a standard permit will have the cost deducted from their salary in equal monthly instalments.

Students and anyone who is not paid directly by the University will be asked to make a payment by credit or debit card for the relevant permit cost. We do not offer the option to pay by direct debit.

Staff or students allocated an occasional permit will pay as they go by purchasing a block of 10 days parking. They will purchase additional blocks of parking as and when required and can use up to the maximum of 150 days in a year.

Vouchers are non-refundable so we encourage colleagues to use up their vouchers by the end of the year.

If I no longer require my permit, will it be cancelled?

It is your responsibility to inform us if the permit is no longer required. You can do this by logging in to your car parking account and follow the instructions to cancel your permit. Once this is received, the parking team will cancel the permit and inform payroll of the cancellation if applicable. 

Alternatively just email to inform your notification to cancel your permit.

Do staff who are currently off long-term need to apply during the application window?

Please contact to discuss further.

Can visitors be guaranteed a parking space?

Gilmorehill and Garscube will have designated visitor spaces available for pre-booking up to two months in advance. Visitor spaces will be subject to the relevant visitor parking fee and availability on the desired day, with visitor permits being issued in line with the number of available spaces.

A flat rate charge will be applicable and permits can be issued in increments of 0.5 days. The number of visitor spaces at each campus will be reviewed regularly and may be subject to change depending on demand.

Will permit holders be guaranteed a parking space?

For Gilmorehill and Garscube, as under the current scheme, a parking permit will not guarantee a parking space but it offers the right to enter the campus and look for a space. A permit also does not guarantee a space in any particular car park at these locations. For Tay House permits, a specific parking space will be allocated within a designated local car park. Permits are issued for a specific campus and are non transferable.

How much is the fee for a Parking Charge Notice?

Parking Charge Notice fee will be £60. If paid within 14 days the charge is reduced to £30.

How do I inform you of a change of vehicle?

It is the permit holders responsibility to ensure that they contact to let the team know of a change in vehicle.  If you do not keep your details updated, you may receive a parking charge notice. 

Is there an appeals process for those who are not successful in obtaining a permit?

Yes. Any appeal against the decision whether to issue a permit or not will be dealt with by the University in line with the criteria-based assessment and the scheme’s operating code of practice. Further proof of evidence may be requested. See here for more details.

Lilybank Gardens Car Park - can University Staff use this car park if they hold a permit?

This car park is for use by valid Gilmorehill STANDARD PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY.

You cannot park in this car park if you have an Occassional Parking Permit.

Standard permit holders will be issued with a dashboard permit by the parking team.  This permit MUST be displayed on the dashboard to avoid receiving a penalty charge notice by Glasgow City Council. These permits are not transferrable to any other vehicle and the vehicle registration parked must match the registration on the permit.

Please note:- Lilybank Gardens Car Park is managed and enforced by Glasgow City Council, not the University of Glasgow.  

Lilybank Gardens - Penalty Charge Notice Why do I need to contact the council?

Lilybank Gardens car park is managed and enforced by Glasgow City Council and not the University of Glasgow.

The University of Glasgow has no powers regarding enforcement for the car park therefore if appealing your ticket, you must contact the Council using the details on the reverse of your ticket, quoting the reference number.

Lilybank Gardens - Why do I have to display a permit on my dashboard?

For eligible permit holders, You MUST display a valid permit on your dashboard to park at Lilybank Gardens car park. The permit is only valid for the duration of your standard Gilmorehill Permit.

The permit will have a valid from and to date and also display vehicle registration. The dashboard permit you are issued by the parking team is non transferrable to any other vehicle other than the vehicle registered on your permit and marked on the dashboard permit. 

You must clearly display your permit on the dashboard of your car or you will be subject to a penalty charge notice issued by Glasgow City Council.

If you change your vehicle you MUST let us know so we can issue you with a new dashboard permit.  We will not issue you a new one without you returning the old permit.

I have lost my Lilybank Gardens Permit, what do I do?

Contact Please note that you cannot park in Lilybank Gardens car park if you do not display a valid permit on your dashboard. If you are waiting for a replacement permit, please park elsewhere on campus until you receive your new permit or you can pay to park in Lilybank Gardens car park.

Can I park on Lilybank Gardens street pay and display parking bays?

No. These parking bays on University Gardens are not part of the permit scheme.

Only parking within the main car park at Ashton Lane is permitted by permit holders, only if you have a valid Gilmorehill standard permit.

You will be issued a penalty charge notice if you park in the pay and display bays at Lilybank Gardens unless you have paid to park there using the pay and display machines.

I am getting a new car, what do I do with my Lilybank Gardens permit if it shows my old registration?

You must return your old permit to the parking team who will issue a new one on receipt of your old permit with the details of your new vehicle.

I have lost my staff card – how do I gain entry via the barriers?

If you have lost your card, please go to the University Library who will issue you with a new card.

Please contact if there is an issue with access to barriers.