Parking Permit Appeals Policy

Published: 16 September 2019

Appeals Policy

An applicant has the right to appeal following the decision of their car parking permit application.

Colleagues are reminded that as part of the application process, all applicants applying for a permit were required to electronically confirm a declaration confirming they have read and understood the terms and conditions, the scheme privacy notice and that the details provided in their application are an accurate reflection of their personal circumstances. Applicants agree to be bound by the terms of the scheme and to adhere to the parking regulations on campus. Misrepresentation on any application will be considered a disciplinary matter for staff and students.


How to make an appeal

An appeal MUST be submitted in writing, clearly stating on which grounds the appeal is being made. The appeal should be emailed to the following email address:


Grounds for appeals

There are three permitted grounds for making an appeal against a parking permit application:

  • Procedural error or defective procedure;
  • Manifest unfairness – A failure to take account of a medical or other relevant adverse personal circumstance put forward as part of the application;
  • New Evidence – relevant medical or other adverse personal circumstances that could not have reasonably been know and presented at the time of application;

Where the appeal relates to new evidence there should be a clear statement provided outlining the reason why this was not available for consideration at the application stage.


Appeal review and decision

All appeals will be carefully considered by a panel of individuals who are independent to the application process. If the appeal is found to be upheld the original application scoring may be adjusted to reflect the outcome of the appeal. The decision of the appeals panel is final.


Appealing outwith the application window

If you have applied for a permit outwith the application window you can still appeal in the same way.  Please email stating the reasons why you wish to appeal.  This will be reviewed by the appeals panel and the outcome communicated to you thereafter. 

First published: 16 September 2019