Monthly/Day Permit Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new 'Day Pass Permit'?

The Day Pass Permit is a pass to park on campus for one half-day or one full-day.

Why was it introduced?

The day pass permit was introduced as a result of COVID-19, and to address any concerns that staff may have around travelling to work using some forms of public transport. The University believes that this is the fairest system for staff who are travelling to our campuses on specific days, which should reduce anxiety around using public transport.

I have a current permit. Can I still use this?

No. The permit scheme has been suspended for the remainder of this year.

How do I book a space?

You can apply for a permit here.

Once you receive confirmation that your permit has been issued, you should log into MyGlasgow and book via Business Systems. We will send you this link and all the information you need when we issue your permit.

What are the costs?

Half day (08:30-13:00 or 13:00-17:00) £1

Full day (08:30-17:00) £1

I want to block book for a full month. How do I do this?

Please contact our Car Parking team (, who will provide instructions on how to do this.

When can I apply for a Monthly Permit?

The permit application window will be opened each month for you to apply for a Monthly Permit (any permits applied for outwith these dates will not be accepted).

Permit application window open.
Week commencing;
The permit month you're applying for Permit valid Cost
    From To  
25th Jan - 29th Jan February 1st Feb 26th Feb £20
22nd Feb - 26th Feb March 1st Mar 2nd Apr £25
29th Mar - 2nd Apr April 5th Apr 7th May £25
3rd May - 7th May May 10th May 4th June £20
31st May - 4th June June 7th June 2nd July £20
28th June - 2nd July July 5th July 30th July £20


I work outwith these hours. Do I still need to book?

No. You do not need to book to park on campus outwith usual working hours. Only if you are parking during these hours will a booking be required; for example, if you work from 07:00-13:00, you should book a half-day parking slot. Any vehicles parked on campus within these times MUST have a valid day pass booked or will be subject to a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

How far in advance can I book a space?

You MUST book a space on campus a minimum of 24 hours prior to parking, if possible.

Can you guarantee that a parking space will be available?

Yes. The system is capped to the number of spaces available each day. Parking is subject to availability. Please familiarise yourself with the car park locations here.

Parking in designated bays on campus

All vehicles MUST be parked within a designated parking bay or you may be subject to a Parking Charge Notice.

All vehicles near the Main Building and other A-listed buildings MUST park facing the building or you will be contacted by the Security team.

Can I book for both campuses in one day?

If, for example, you need to go to Gilmorehill in the morning and Garscube in the afternoon, you must make two separate half-day bookings.

If, for any reason, you have booked a full-day permit at one campus and you need to go to another campus, please email us at and we will arrange this for you.

Can I cancel my booking?

You cannot cancel the booking on the system. If you need to change the day you have booked, please contact and we will amend your booking.

Can I book multiple days at once?

If you are on campus for a few days a week, you must book parking slots separately.

If you are working on-campus full-time (Monday-Friday), you can book these monthly in advance.

Please contact for more details on monthly bookings.

How long will this permit last?

The Day Pass Permit is valid for one half-day or one full-day, as per the times noted above and as per the booking you have made. 

If you have booked a half-day and you need to remain on campus for the afternoon, you will have to make a separate PM booking.

We intend to have this permit system in place for the remainder of this year. Parking after 17:00 is not required to be booked under this system.

Can I park at Lilybank Gardens car park?

At the moment we are working closely with City Parking to make arrangements for staff to park here using our Day Pass Permit.

Until this has been resolved and while you need to park at Lilybank Gardens car park, you will need to use the Glasgow City Council pay and display machines using their daily rates.

Do I use my staff card to gain access to park on campus at the barriers?

No, Security will scan your vehicle upon arrival to ensure a booking has been made before allowing access to park on campus.

I work at Tay House. How does this new permit system work here if the car parks are controlled by external companies?

Please contact for more details on parking at Tay House.

Can you still book visitor parking?

Yes, our Visitor Parking system is still in place.

How many times per week can I book?

There is no limit to the number of times you can book in one week. If you are working on campus every day one week, you will need to book five day passes, or book a monthly pass.

What if I change my vehicle or am using my partner's vehicle?

That is fine. The booking system requires you to enter the registration number of the car you will be driving on the particular day you are booking for. Contact if you are unsure about what to do.

Do I have to show a pass on my windscreen?

No. The system is managed virtually by our Security team, using Mobile ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) software.  The software scans your vehicle, which confirms if it has or has not been booked via the system.

Do I need to book a space if I have a blue badge?

If you are registered on the existing permit system and have a VALID blue badge, you do not have to book. Your permit will still be valid and will allow you to park. 

Please remember to make your VALID blue badge visible on your dashboard.

If your permit has expired, or you are new to the University and have a blue badge, please contact

Parking Enforcement

All vehicles will be checked on a regular basis throughout the day to ensure that all vehicles have been booked in using the online system. 

If a vehicle is parked on campus and has not been booked in, the driver may be subject to a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

Where are the car parks?

Click here to see the University's car parking locations.

What about other outlying locations you mention? Where are the additional spaces?

We have a number of parking spaces available to book in the vicinity of the University which we are hopeful will come online shortly. Please email for more details.

If I have any questions, who do I speak to?

For all queries relating to parking, please email our Car Parking team at

Do I have to apply for a Day Pass Permit each time I wish to book parking?

No, your day pass permit is valid until the 31st December 2020 and you can make bookings using this permit as many times as you wish. The day pass permit is only issued once to you which will show up on the portal when you login to make a booking.