Contractor Parking

The University of Glasgow recognises the importance of providing parking for contractors on campus to carry out works.

Under our current parking scheme, contractors are permitted up to 30 minutes on campus to drop off/pick up materials only.

If contractors require to be on campus for longer than 30 minutes, they must contact the Car Parking team on to book in a vehicle onto campus.

Contractors who exceed the 30 minute time restriction and are not booked in with the Car Parking team will be subject to a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) of £60.00.

Parking for contractor vehicles is restricted to essential requirements. We do not allow contractors to book a space to attend meetings. We also do not provide parking for subcontractors at Gilmorehill campus.

Please see the link below for our car parking location maps.

Vehicles can drop off/collect materials etc. using the 30-minute drop-off window at the building they are working at and then park in an allocated fleet service bay, only if booked in with the parking team. Otherwise, they must leave the campus and park elsewhere. Contractor parking is limited, especially at Gilmorehill campus, and is subject to availability.


Booking Notice

We require as much notice as possible (preferably 24 hours) to book your contractor in; however, we understand this is not always possible. It is not acceptable to just arrive on site expecting access to campus without prior notification.

We also understand that there are occasions when contractors are called onto campus at very short notice to deal with emergencies. The person who called out the contractor should inform our team, and we will ensure that access is permitted for these emergencies.


Etiquette on Our Campuses

The University operates a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse and aggression. Any instances of abusive or threatening behaviour towards our Security or Car Parking teams, or to any member of staff, will result in refusal of entry onto campus and an official report submitted to the Contractor's Head Office.

All contractors must make themselves aware of our Car Parking Scheme Principles.


Safety on Campus

When driving on campus, please note that pedestrians have the right of way at all times. No vehicle, plant or materials shall block any access/egress route at any point in time, or individuals/contractors will be subject to a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and will be prohibited to park on campus again.


Site Compounds

It must be agreed with the Car Parking team if a site compound is required to be located on parking bays.


Delivery Vehicles, Couriers and Taxis

Delivery vehicles, couriers and taxis are permitted up to 30 minutes on campus. Deliveries will be allowed access to the site under the 30 minute drop off/pick up restriction and are to depart immediately after any unloading/collecting has been completed.