Apply Out With Permit Application Window

The annual application window for car parking permits is open for a limited period. After its closure, applications will be accepted and processed if the evidence is given that:

  • The applicant is a new member of staff with a contract starting date at or after the date of application window end and must make an application within 2 months of start date;
  • The applicant is an existing member of staff returning from long-term absence (i.e. longer than 6 months; such as absence due to sickness, study leave, sabbatical, maternity/paternity/shared parental as well as adoption leave, special leave);
  • A relevant change in circumstance for the applicant has occurred, such as change of job description/role, change of usual place of work, change of home address, additional or increased care responsibility;
  • A permanent mobility issue has been confirmed, and the applicant has obtained a Blue Badge;
  • A temporary mobility issue has occurred – please refer to the relevant procedure.

To issue a permit application out with the application window, applicants are advised to contact the Parking Team on in the first instance. Reasons should be given, why a permit application out with the application window is desired, according to the list above.

The Parking Team may request evidence for the reasons for the application. Evidence may include HR and line manager’s confirmations, address proofs.

The Parking Team will then advise on next steps on how to apply. The application will then follow in the same way as applications received within the application window. The same criteria will apply and a decision being made based on the score achieved for the criteria. 

If a permit is granted based on the information contained in the application, the cost for the permit will be pro-rata for the remaining period of the current application year. If you are granted a permit, you must accept the offer of an occasional permit within 2 months or your permit offer will be withdrawn.