Academic Policy & Governance (APG) is a unit formed from the former Senate and Academic Collaboration Offices. (See APG Welcome page for further information.)

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Academic Policy & Governance can be contacted:

Gilbert Scott Building
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK
tel: +44 (0)141 330 2241 (

For all queries linked to the Course Catalogue, contact the School responsible for teaching the course.

Individual staff contacts are available.

Jess Bownes Curriculum Support Manager (currently on maternity leave)
Helen Butcher Director of Academic Policy & Governance/Assistant Director - Academic Services
Ruth Cole Senior Academic Policy Manager
Lisa Davidson Academic Policy Manager
Laura Dickson Deputy Director of Academic Policy & Governance (Strategy & Collaborations)
Seonaid Dodds Senor Academic Collaborations Manager
Lynn Esson Academic Collaborations Manager
Mhairi Evans Senior Academic Quality Manager
Lesley Fielding Academic Policy Manager
Janet Fleming Administrative Officer (Academic Policy & Governance)
Ashley Lewis-Cole Curriculum Support Manager
Richard Lowdon Academic Policy Manager
Jane McAllister Deputy Director of Academic Policy & Governance (Standards & Quality)
Callie McGinley Academic Collaborations Co-ordinator / TNE Co-ordinator
Katy McGinty TNE Co-ordinator
Kevin McShane Higher Skills Development Manager
Robbie Mulholland Academic Collaborations Manager
Emma O'Donnell Senior TNE Policy & Governance Manager
Catherine Omand Strategy Support Manager
Lesley Reid Administrative Co-ordinator (Academic Policy & Governance)
Karen Robertson Administrative Officer (Academic Policy & Governance)
Danielle Rowan Administrative Coordinator (Academic Policy & Governance)
Shengchun Yao Senior TNE Projects Manager

For queries relating to information contained in the Course Catalogue, please contact the relevant School.


Staff Remits

Enquiry regarding...   

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Academic Appeals (Senate)
Academic Collaborations (Arts and Social Sciences) Seonaid Dodds
Academic Collaborations (MVLS and Science & Engineering) Lynn Esson
Academic Collaborations - Transnational Education (TNE) Callie McGinley; Katy McGinty; Emma O'Donnell; Shengchun Yao
Academic Collaborations - Validated Institutions and Glasgow International College Robbie Mulholland
Academic Collaborations (General Enquiries)
Academic Quality Framework Mhairi Evans
Accreditation (Professional Body)
Annual Monitoring  Mhairi Evans; Lesley Fielding
Code of Assessment  Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson

Senate - Helen Butcher; Richard Lowdon

Academic Standards Committee - Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson

Education Policy & Strategy Committee - Mhairi Evans

Learning & Teaching Committee - Catherine Omand

Student Experience Committee - Jane McAllister

Course Approval  Lisa Davidson; Ruth Cole
Course Catalogue 

Lisa Davidson; Karen Robertson

For queries relating to information contained in the Course Catalogue, please contact the relevant School.

Course Evaluation (EvaSys) Richard Lowdon
Degree Regulations  Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson
EvaSys (Course Evaluation) Richard Lowdon
Examinations (Regulations)  Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson
External Examiners
External Quality Reviews Helen Butcher; Jane McAllister; Mhairi Evans
Fitness to Practise Jane McAllister; Richard Lowdon
John Robertson Bequest Funds
Learning & Teaching Strategy - General
Learning & Teaching Strategy - Curriculum Framework Ashley Lewis-Cole; Jess Bownes
Learning & Teaching Strategy - Higher Skills and Professional Development Kevin McShane
Periodic Subject Review Mhairi Evans; Janet Fleming
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation
Programme Approval / Specifications Lisa Davidson; Ruth Cole
Quality Enhancement Helen Butcher; Jane McAllister; Mhairi Evans
Regulations Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson
Senate Appeals Procedures
Senate Elections Richard Lowdon; Janet Fleming
Senate Membership Janet Fleming
Session Dates Richard Lowdon
Student Appeals (Senate)
Student Contract Jane McAllister
Student Feedback Richard Lowdon
Student Representation
Subject Review (Periodic) Mhairi Evans; Janet Fleming
Teaching Excellence Awards Janet Fleming
Transnational Education (TNE) Partnerships Callie McGinley; Katy McGinty; Emma O'Donnell; Shengchun Yao
Travelling Scholarships
Undergraduate Student Advisory System Lesley Fielding
University Regulations Ruth Cole; Lisa Davidson
Validated Institutions - Partnerships Robbie Mulholland
Website Karen Robertson

Other Offices and Activities:

Ceremonial Events - Academic Dress; Academic Processions (Graduations, Remembrance Sunday); Cathedral Service; Commemoration Day; Honorary Graduations; Rectorial Election; Senate Guest Night

Fitness to Study -

Honorary Degrees Committee - Craig Thomson-Gold

Plagiarism -

Prizes - now administered by Registry (contact

NSS - Planning, Insight & Analytics

Student Conduct Team -