GSP is part of our College Employability programme. GSP will help you to reflect on the range of professional skills and graduate attributes you have developed during your academic, extra-curricular and work-related activities and to communicate these skills to employers.

Read more below to find out how it works and view a range of our students' GSP ePortfolios. 

Students who complete College Employability Programme courses will receive digital badges and certificates to showcase their achievements to employers. 

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If you have any questions about the Programme, please get in touch with the CoSS Employability Team

How does it work?

GSP is a highly interactive online course facilitated by our team of College Employability Programme Tutors. By the end of GSP, you will have built a concise, evidenced-based online portfolio of your achievements designed to communicate your key successes and skills to employers. Browse through our example ePortfolios at the bottom of this page.

GSP uses a combination of Moodle and an interactive online learning platform called 'Rise 360', which contains engaging interactive content, video and knowledge checks along the way.  

At the end of each unit you will be asked to return to the Moodle to complete the unit's activities. These activities are important as they test the learning that you have gained through each of the units and will help you build towards creating your final GSP ePortfolio. You will receive feedback on each piece of work you submit either within the Moodle or by email. GSP also involves live workshops and 1-1 drop-ins with the tutors. 

On completion and approval of your ePortfolio you will receive a GSP certificate and it will be added to your HEAR transcript.