Our College Employability Programme (CEP) Skills Days have been designed to throw you into a series of workplace challenges designed to test your ability to work effectively in teams, plan your time, build relationships, and communicate effectively. To take part in our Skills Days you will need to be an undergraduate or postgraduate student in the College of Social Sciences. You may also be required to have completed the relevant CEP course beforehand.

Skills Day – Teams

Our Skills Days focuses on teamwork and team challenges. You will work against the clock to solve 2 interactive team challenges, whilst practising key professional skills most sought after by graduate employers.

How do I know if I am ready?

Don't worry! Our Skills Days are about practising your professional skills in a safe space where you can make mistakes and fail as many times as you succeed. In fact, if you do fail, you will probably learn even more! Also, we will help you prepare for the day through our online College Employability Programme courses Groupwork to Teamwork and Practical Presentation Skills.

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