We appreciate that you have just started on your journey at Glasgow, but the University Careers Service and the College of Social Sciences Employability Team are here to help you make the most of your time here! Our role is to support your personal and professional development and to provide guidance and support to help you on your career journey.

This course will help you to find out more about the careers and employability services and support that are available to you, and to get some top tips to get started on your employability journey.

Remember - employability is not just about the job you get at the end of your studies but rather about the range of academic, extra-curricular and work-related activities that you participate in while you are here and the skills that you develop. 

Students who complete College Employability Programme courses will receive digital badges and certificates to showcase their achievements to employers. 

Get started: Careers and Employability Induction 

If you have any questions about this course or other College Employability Programme courses, please get in touch with the Employability Team

Aniela's Careers & Employability Induction journey