Academic Faculty

Dr. Neil Basu (Clinical Senior Lecturer in Rheumatology, Honorary Consultant)

Dr. Jozien Goense (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr. Shajan Gunamony (Senior Research Fellow, Radio Frequency Engineer, Director of MR CoilTech)

Professor Lars Muckli (Professor of Visual Cognitive Neurosciences)

Professor Keith Muir (Stroke Neurologist, SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Imaging)

Professor David Porter (Professor Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics)

NHS Clinicians


Dr. Natasha Fullerton (Consultant Diagnostic Neuroradiologist, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Giles Roditi (Consultant Cardiovascular Radiologist, Honorary Professor)

Dr. Celestine Santosh (Clinical Consultant Neuroradiologist, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor)


For general information regarding the activity of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde R&D Research Imaging, please refer to their website here.

Mrs. Tracey Hopkins (Lead Research Radiographer, Honorary Research Fellow)

Ms. Rosemary Woodward (Clinical Research Radiographer)

Clinical Research Fellows

NHS MRI Physics

For general information regarding the activity of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Clinical Physics, please refer to their website here.

Dr. Sarah Allwood-Spiers (Clinical Scientist)

Dr. David Brennan (Principal Clinical Scientist, Aurum Biosciences)

Dr. John Foster (Head of MRI Physics)

Dr. Pauline Hall Barrientos (Clinical Scientist)

Dr. Blair Johnston (Clinical Scientist)

Dr. Rosario Lopez Gonzalez (Principal Clinical Scientist)

Dr. Mark McJury (Honorary Senior Lecturer)

Dr. John McLean (Deputy Head of MRI Physics)


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Clement Abbatecola (Research Associate)

Dr. Salim Al-Wasity (Research Associate)

Dr. Son Cong Chu (Research Assistant)

Dr. Graeme Keith (Research Associate)

Dr. Paul McElhinney (Research Assistant)

Dr. Nils Nothnagel (Research Associate)

Dr. Angus Paton (Research Assistant)

Dr. Lucy Petro (Research Associate)

Dr. Michele Svanera (Research Associate)

Dr. Sydney Williams (Research Assistant)


Mr. Huseyin Arisoy (Visiting Researcher)

Dr. Johanna Bergmann (Postdoc from Max Planck Institute)

Professor Jonathan Cavanagh (Professor of Psychiatry)

Dr. Kristin Flegal (SINAPSE Research Scientist)

Dr. Alessio Fracasso (Lecturer)

Ms. Tatjana Lux (Undergrad Intern)

Ms. Anna Makova (Undergrad Intern)

Dr. Aleksandra Radjenovic (Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Bianca van Kemenade (Postdoc from University of Marburg)

Management & Support

Ms. Patsy Clarkin (Research Administrator)

Dr. Carol Clugston (Chief Operating Officer)

Ms. Harvi Deol (ICE Receptionist/Administrative Assistant)

Mr. Kevan Dineen (ICE Janitor)

Mr. Paul Fairie (College Operations and Facilities Manager)

Mr. John McClure (Computer Manager)

Ms. Claire McKay (Clinical Innovation Zone Coordinator)

Dr. Ruth McLaughlin (College Innovation Manager)

Dr. Debra Stuart (Research Governance Manager)

Dr. Jon Trinder (ICE Data Systems Manager)