Working at ICE

Resources and guidance for working in the ICE building or collaborating with our researchers.

Imaging Centre of Excellence 7T Management Group 

The ICE Management Group is charged with advancing the scientific success of Glasgow’s Imaging Centre of Excellence. Its priority is to foster a vibrant multidisciplinary community driven by collegiality and research excellence.


The Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) is a medical research facility located on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus.  The ICE hosts a 7 Tesla MRI scanner which is a University of Glasgow facility operative with safety support of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) staff.  This Management Group has representation from both University of Glasgow and NHSGGC. 


The ICE 7T Management Group reviews matters associated with the 7T MRI in relation to the following: 

Scientific strategy Determine a framework focussed upon existing Glasgow based fundamental and clinical scientific expertise which will enhance local interdisciplinary synergies and drive ICE decision making with view to significantly enhancing internationally excellent research outputs, impact and grant income.  

Roles and accountability  Inform, and re-appraise as required, roles and line management of ICE related staff (UoG and NHSGG) with view to facilitating efficient collaborative approaches where possible   

Access and use Review new projects for use of 7T for capacity, capability and costs: all projects involving NHS patients require NHSGGC R&I Approval and adherence to NHS GGC Policies.  Review performance of active projects and address barriers related to project delivery. 

Governance and safety Review and agree process and procedures required for ensuring compliance with GDPR, quality, safety, incidental finding reporting and regulatory requirements.  This Group reports to:

  • Glasgow Health Science Partnership Regulatory Affairs Group (GHSP RAG) for research governance related issues.
  • NHSGGC Clinical Governance Forum and MRI Safety Committee for patient safety issues.

Infrastructure, maintenance and equipment Address actions required to support the ongoing maintenance, development and review for approval new purchases (including data infrastructure)  

Workforce and training Identify training and resource gaps and opportunities. 


Professor Lars Muckli (UofG) 

Professor Neil Basu (UofG, honorary NHSGGC) 

Professor David Porter (UofG) 

Ms Chloë Cowan (NHSGGC) 

Dr Shajan Gunamony (UofG) 

Dr Andrew Reilly (NHSGGC) 

Dr Pamela Sandu (UofG) 

Ms Tracey Hopkins (NHSGGC) 

Dr Mark McJury (NHSGGC) 

Dr Kristin Flegal (UofG)

Dr Graeme Keith (UofG)  

Dr Angus Paton (UofG)  

Ms Hemshree Desai (UofG, Clerk) 

The Group will be considered quorate with four members present including at least one from each organisation.  In the event the Group is not quorate, voting for approvals may be cast outside the meeting at the agreement of the Group Chair.  The group will meet monthly. 

Confidentiality and declarations of interest 

Management Group members will be required to declare any conflict of interest.  The Group will be required to ensure confidentiality respecting volunteer/patient confidentiality and sensitive Intellectual Property. 


The Management Group reports activity to the Glasgow Health Science Partnership Delivery Board as required.