Oncology and haematology

The Oncology service offers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of oncological and haematological disease in small animals. We work closely with clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging and the surgical services to ensure the best possible treatment and quality of life for our patients. We offer a wide range of chemotherapeutic options for lymphoma and some leukaemias. In addition to surgical treatment, we also provide chemotherapy for selected solid tumours, usually as post-operative adjunctive therapy.

The oncology service has expanded with the launch of radiotherapy as a treatment modality alongside chemotherapy and surgery.  This allows us to reach deep and bulky tumours and also a range of electron beams for more superficial treatments. A multi-leaf collimator allows delivery to precisely-shaped radiation fields and minimises any side-effects. A Prowess planning system tailored to animals allows careful delivery of the radiation beams to maximise the success of treatment and avoid sensitive structures. To provide the best possible service, we have a therapeutic radiographer trained in human radiotherapy who, in conjunction with our radiation oncologists, will plan and deliver treatment to our patients.