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Anaesthesia may be required during your animal's treatment in the hospital for a variety of reasons including undergoing surgery or diagnostic procedures. 


Our anaesthetic department is equipped with facilities akin to what would be found in a human hospital to ensure anaesthesia can be provided for all anaesthetic procedures from the routine to the most complex including:

  • Full monitoring facilities for every patient
  • Advanced facilities such as blood gas analysis, ventilation, transthoracic pacing, and peri-operative auto-transfusion to allow us to facilitate advanced procedures.

Support our world-leading researchers

We supervise veterinary students rotating through anaesthesia as part of our innovative final year curriculum. A number of clinical research studies are also conducted within the department which aim to improve patient care, and impact upon anesthesia practice across the profession. You may be asked for consent for your animal to be involved in one of these trials when you come to the hospital, and the clinician in charge would be happy to give you further information.

Recent clinical scholar projects:

  • Prevalence of complications with endotracheal intubation
  • Evaluating respiratory function in small dogs during anaesthesia: a comparison of different anaesthetic breathing systems
  • Assessment of Rotem delta values in dogs undergoing spinal surgery for the detection of hyperfibrinolytic states and development of clinical guidelines for the use of tranexamic acid in perioperative haemorrhage
  • Investigating efficacy of the erector spinae (ESP) block during hemilaminectomy surgery in dogs

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