Sociology at Glasgow is defined by a shared commitment to the value of theoretically-informed and methodologically rigorous critical research. Our research seeks to understand the historical forces that have shaped our current context and critically analyse the contemporary forms of power, inequality and cultural forces that animate our social world. Crucially, our research understands the production of inequalities as multi-layered and intersecting.

We are also committed to our research seeking to make a difference in removing the injustices created by these inequities. In pursuing these ideals we work across our three constituent disciplines of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology.

We have particular strengths in the following areas. Most members of staff work between and across these areas, and in conjunction with colleagues across the discipline and beyond.

In addition to a biweekly seminar series, Sociology at Glasgow also hosts the annual Frisby Memorial Lecture and maintains an active schedule of high-quality international research events. Among previous speakers are Richard Sennett, Nancy Fraser, Erik Olin Wright, Ben Carrington, and Nancy Scheper-Hughes,