Postgraduate research

Sociology PGR Convenor
Dr Gareth Mulvey and Dr Greti-Iulia Ivana

Criminology PGR Convenor
Dr Caitlin Gormley and Dr Marguerite Schinkel

There are currently over 60 postgraduate research students undertaking sociological research at the University of Glasgow, dealing with subjects across the discipline.

Our postgraduate community is particularly cosmopolitan, bringing together students from various international contexts with others who have progressed through our own undergraduate programmes, and funded in a wide range of ways, including by ESRC and ASRF scholarships, by international organizations and through doctoral awards tied to dedicated research projects. We support students studying both full-time and part-time. We have developed a number of effective ways of providing support to our PhD students, including:

  • The yearly Sociology seminar series, which offers a diverse programme, bringing internationally recognised speakers to Glasgow, but also providing a supportive yet critical context in which postgraduate students can present their first papers and findings;
  • The annual two day Sociology postgraduate conference, allowing students and staff to present and discuss their work in a congenial atmosphere. ‌
  • Individual postgraduate review panels at which the Postgraduate Coordinator and individual supervisors can meet to discuss progress with each student.

Each full time student is entitled to:

  • A computer and full IT support
  • Telephone and photocopying facilities
  • Access to unrivalled library facilities

Supervision for PhDs

We provide supervision in all the areas in which we work, including: crime, justice and security; racism and anti-racism; disabilities; health and illness; drug use; gender and sexualities; consumption and 'risk'; gambling; media research; social theory; cultural studies. We are active supporters of interdisciplinary research and most staff are involved in providing supervision to students alongside colleagues from other disciplines. 

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Initial Approaches and First Stage of Application Process

We welcome and expect initial approaches to the Postgraduate Research Convenors:

If you are thinking about applying you are also welcome to contact any staff member directly, although staff may prefer to refer enquiries to the PGR Convenors.

The usual first stage of the application process is to email one of the Postgraduate Research Convenors a full research proposal of 1200 words, plus a bibliography, and a brief curriculum vitae (which could be merely one page if you do not have one prepared since this is not used in the formal application process). The initial research proposal should be as developed and rigorous as possible, including literature review, any theoretical elements, and (for any empirically based thesis) a full research design for data collection and analysis in as much detail as possible. Pure theory or literature-based proposals are also acceptable. The PGR Convenor will then decide whether to seek supervisors, and if so will then reply in due course on whether the required team of two supervisors might be available, and advise of whether to proceed to a formal application, on which see 'How to apply' below.

Note that irrespective of any advice in the first stage, all students are formally entitled to make a formal application if they wish. Formal applications via the online application system will be forwarded by the Recruitment and International Office (RIO) to the PGR Convenors, but only when sufficient documents are submitted, e.g. at least one reference. 

Funding Opportunities

How to apply