Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research

Who We Are:

The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research is a unique, cross-institutional criminological research centre consisting of four universities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde) and a community of 100 people, including over 30 academic staff, 70 PhD researchers and two part-time administrative staff. Its work has been cited in legislative change, produced three 4* REF Impact Case Studies, led to development of a specific ESRC Doctoral Studentship Pathway in Socio-legal Studies and Criminology, and informed and influenced international scholarship on crime and justice.

SCCJR operates with a single Director (Alistair Fraser, Glasgow), supported by Associate Directors from each partner institution to carryout annual plans; this includes Anna Souhami and Richard Sparks (Edinburgh); Fergus McNeill and Julie Berg (Glasgow); Niall Hamilton-Smith and Margaret Malloch (Stirling); and Laura Piacentini and Beth Weaver (Strathclyde).


Our Aims:

  • Produce high quality, internationally recognised research in relation to crime and criminal justice;
  • Advance understanding of crime and criminal justice through theoretical, empirical and applied research;
  • Work collaboratively with communities, policy makers and the wider public to build just societies;
  • Support the development of criminological research capacity across Scotland. 

Collectively these aims reflect a vision to be recognised as a world leading research centre and partner on a diverse range of criminological topics. In particular, the Centre helps realise this vision by pooling resources across its four partners to create a critical mass of scholars and provide them resources to develop their research ideas, applications and partnerships in effective ways.