Disability will affect all people at some point in their lives.  Disability is a complex issue.   The work on disability in sociology at the University of Glasgow starts from a position of seeing disability as a social justice issue. This includes not only understanding the impact of long-term conditions and impairments on individuals, but also the discrimination and prejudice faced by disabled people locally and globally.  

We carry out research on a range of topics, including disability and welfare reform, transitions for young disabled people, education, training and employment, migration, hate crime, health, history of disability, mental health and the legal needs of disabled people.  Our teaching is led by our research. Adopting a critical, theory driven approach we highlight the barriers disabled people face and explore the intersections between disability and age, class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality. 

Our work is collaborative. We work closely with organisations of and for disabled people and have strong links with other research units in the University, including the Institute for Health and WellbeingScottish Learning Disability Observatory and the Scottish Centre for Crime and Criminal Justice.