Racism, Nationalism and Migration

Research on these themes has a long and distinguished history at the University of Glasgow going back to the late 1970s and Robert Miles. Today, we have a thriving research cluster comprising 11 staff and a large PhD student body who in their myriad ways draw attention to the significance of these processes both to the making of the modern world and its contemporary reproduction.

Drawing on an eclectic array of methods and perspectives, members have recently published research focusing on racism and everyday life; racism, class and capitalism; refugee status and the law; migrant experiences of settlement and belonging; the relationship between neoliberalism and migration policy; gender, racism and migrant labour; migration, sexuality and personal relationships; global migration, diaspora and religious transnationalism. 

What unifies the cluster is not only the shared focus on racism, nationalism and migration but an understanding that the production of critical knowledge must contribute to the manufacture of a fairer and more just global order.