2020 publications

Disposable Active Plasmonics: Flexoelectric Control of Nanoscale Chirality.
C Gilroy, K McKay, M Devine, RWH Webster, N Gadegaard, AS Karimullah, DA MacLaren and M Kadodwala,
Adv. Photonics Res. 2020 (2020), 2000062

Revealing 3D magnetization of thin films with soft X-ray tomography: magnetic singularities and topological charges
A Hierro-Rodríguez, C Quirós, A Sorrentino, L M Álvarez-Prado, J I Martin, J M Alameda, S McVitie, E Pereiro, M Velez, S Ferrer
Nature Communications, 11 (2020) 6382

Argon bubble formation in tantalum oxide-based films for gravitational wave interferometer mirrors
R B Cummings, R Bassiri, I W Martin, I MacLaren
arXiv:2010.14893 (2020) 

Sputter-engineering a first-order magnetic phase transition in sub-15-nm-thick single-crystal FeRh films
L Benito, L Clark, T P Almeida, T A Moore, D McGrouther, S McVitie, C H Marrows
Phys. Rev. Mater. 4(12) (2020) 123402

Controlling the symmetry of inorganic ionic nanofilms with optical chirality.
C Kelly, DA MacLaren, K McKay, A McFarlane, AS Karimullah, N Gadegaard, LD Barron, S Franke-Arnold, F Crimin, JB Götte, SM Barnett and M Kadodwala
Nat Commun 11, 5169 (2020)

Detectors – the ongoing revolution in scanning transmission electron microscopy and why this important to materials characterisation
I MacLaren, T MacGregor, C S Allen, A I Kirkland
APL Materials 8 (2020) 110901 

Effect of annealing on the magnetic states of FEBID-grown cobalt nanopatterns examined by off-axis electron holography
T P Almeida, D McGrouther, A Kovács, R E Dunin-Borkowski, S McVitie
Journal of Microscopy 279(3) (2020) 217-221

Asymmetric magnetic relaxation behavior of domains and domain walls observed through the FeRh first-order metamagnetic phase transition
J R Massey, R C Temple, T P Almeida, R Lamb, N A Peters, R P Campion, R Fan, D McGrouther, S McVitie, P Steadman, C H Marrows
Phys. Rev. B. 102(14) (2020) 144304

Anisotropic, meandering domain microstructure in the improper ferroelectric CsNbW2O9
S J McCartan, P W Turner, J A McNulty, J R Maguire, C J McCluskey, F D Morrison, J M Gregg and I MacLaren
APL Materials (2020) 101108

Tunable superconductivity in Fe-pnictide heterointerfaces by diffusion control
S Haindl, S Nikolaev, M Sato, M Sasase, I MacLaren
arXiv: 2009.04799 (2020)

A comparison of a direct electron detector and a high speed video camera for scanning precession electron diffraction phase and orientation mapping
I MacLaren, E Frutos-Myro, D McGrouther, S McFadzean, JK Weiss, D Cosart, J Portillo, A Robins, S Nicolopoulos, E Nebot del Busto, R Skogeby
Microscopy and Microanalysis 26(2020) 1110

Tensile deformations of the magnetic chiral soliton lattice probed by Lorentz transmission electron microscopy
G W Paterson, A A Tereshchenko, S Nakayama, Y Kousaka, J Kishine, S McVitie, A S Ovchinnikov, I Proskurin, Y Togawa
Phys. Rev. B, 101(18) (2020) 184424

Nanostructuring of the fast ion conductor, lithium nitride
N Tapia-Ruiz, A G Gordon, C M Jewell, H K Edwards, C W Dunnill, J M Blackman, C P Snape, P D Brown, I MacLaren, M Baldoni, E Besley, J J Titman, D Gregory
Nature Comms. 11 (2020) 4492

Controlled individual skyrmion nucleation at artificial defects formed by ion irradiation
K Fallon, S Hughes, K Zeissler, W Legrand, F Ajejas, D Maccariello, S McFadzean, W Smith, D McGrouther, S Collin, N Reyren, V Cros, C H Marrows, S McVitie
Small, 16(13) (2020) 1907450

Reversible spin storage in metal oxide—fullerene heterojunctions
T Moorsom, M Rogers, I Scivetti, S Bandaru, G Teobaldi, M Valvidares, M Flokstra, S Lee, R Stewart, T Prokscha, P Gargiani, N. Alosaimi1, G Stefanou, M Ali, F Al Ma’Mari, G Burnell, B J Hickey, O. Cespedes
Science Advances, 6, (2020)

Fast Pixelated Detectors in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. Part I: Data Acquisition, Live Processing and Storage
M Nord, R W H Webster, K A Paton, S McVitie, D McGrouther, I MacLaren, G W Paterson
arXiv:1911.11560 and Microscopy and Microanalysis 26 (2020) 653

Fast Pixelated Detectors in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy. Part II: Post Acquisition Data Processing, Visualisation, and Structural Characterisation
G W Paterson, R W H Webster, A Ross, K A Paton, T A Macgregor, D McGrouther, I MacLaren, M Nord
arXiv: 2004.02777 (2020) and Microscopy and Microanalysis 26 (2020) 944

π-anisotropy: A nanocarbon route to hard magnetism
T Moorsom, S Alghamdi, S Stansill, E Poli, G Teobaldi, M Beg, H Fangohr, M Rogers, Z Aslam, M Ali, B J Hickey, O Cespedes
Phys. Rev. B 101, (2020)

Nanopatterned Titanium Implants Accelerate Bone Formation In Vivo
A I M Greer, V Goriainov, J Kanczler, C R M Black, L-A Turner, R M D Meek, K Burgess, I MacLaren, M J Dalby, R O C Oreffo, and N Gadegaard
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12 (2020) 33541

Enhanced spin-orbit coupling in a heavy metal via molecular coupling
S Alotibi, B J Hickey, G Teobaldi, M Ali, J Barker, Q Ramasse, G Burnell, M Alyami, T Moorsom, O Cespedes
Cornell University (2020) arxiv.org/abs/1912.02712

Artificial Double-Helix for Geometrical Control of Magnetic Chirality
D Sanz-Hernández, A Hierro-Rodriguez, C Donnelly, J Pablo-Navarro, A Sorrentino, E Pereiro, C Magén, S McVitie, J M de Teresa, S Ferrer, P Fischer, and A Fernández-Pacheco
ACS Nano 14 (2020)

Correction of EELS dispersion non-uniformities for improved chemical shift analysis
RWH Webster, AJ Craven, B Schaffer, S McFadzean, I MacLaren and DA MacLaren,
Ultramicroscopy 217 (2020) 113069

Direct visualization of the magnetostructural phase transition in nanoscale FeRh thin films using differential phase contrast imaging
T P Almeida, D McGrouther, R Temple, J Massey, Y Li, T Moore, C H Marrows, S McVitie
Phys. Rev. Mater. 4(3) (2020) 034410

Multiple scattering in scanning helium microscopy
SM Lambrick, L Vozdecký, M Bergin, JE Halpin, DA MacLaren, PC Dastoor, SA Przyborski, AP Jardine and DJ Ward
Appl. Phys. Lett. 116 (2020) 061601

Tuning magnetic order with geometry: thermalisation and defects in two-dimensional artificial spin ices
G M Macauley, G W Paterson, Y Li, R Macêdo, S McVitie, R L Stamps
Phys. Rev. B 101 (2020) 144403

Effect of annealing on the magnetic states of FEBID-grown cobalt nanopatterns examined by off-axis electron holography
T P Almeida, D McGrouther, A Kovács, R E Dunin-Borkowski and S McVitie
J. Microsc. doi: 10.1111/jmi.12869

Epitaxial vanadium nanolayers to suppress interfacial reactions during deposition of titanium-bearing Heusler alloys on MgO(001)
RWH Webster, MT Scott, SR Popuri, JWG Bos and DA MacLaren
Appl. Surf. Sci. 512 (2020) 145649