2021 publications

Atom Probe Tomography of a Cu-Doped TiNiSn Thermoelectric Material: Nanoscale Structure and Optimization of Analysis Conditions
H He, JE Halpin, SR Popuri, L Daly, J-WG Bos, MP Moody, DA MacLaren, and PAJ Bagot
Microscopy and Microanalysis (2021) DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1431927621012162

Atomic resolution HOLZ-STEM imaging of atom position modulation in oxide heterostructures
M Nord, J Barthel, C S Allen, D McGrouther, A I Kirkland, I MacLaren
Ultramicroscopy 226 (2021) 113296.

Strong magnon-photon coupling with chip-integrated YIG in the zero-temperature limit
P G Baity, D A Bozhko, R Macêdo, W Smith, R C Holland, S Danilin, V Seferai, J Barbosa, R R Peroor, S Goldman, U Nasti, J Paul, R H Hadfield, S McVitie, Martin Weides
App Phys Lett, 119(3) (2021) 033502

Argon bubble formation in tantalum oxide-based films for gravitational wave interferometer mirrors
R B Cummings, R Bassiri, I W Martin, I MacLaren
Optical Materials Express, 11 (2021) 707-718.

Void engineering in epitaxially regrown GaAs-based photonic crystal surface emitting lasers by grating profile design.
AF McKenzie, BC King, KJ Rae, S Thoms, ND Gerrard, JR Orchard, K Nishi, K Takemasa, M Sugawara, RJE Taylor, DTD Childs, DA MacLaren, and RA Hogg,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 118 (2021), 021109.

Correlative chemical and structural nanocharacterization of a pseudo-binary 0.75Bi(Fe0.97Ti0.03)O3–0.25BaTiO3 ceramic
S J McCartan, I Calisir, G W Paterson, R W H Webster, T A Macgregor, D A Hall, I MacLaren
arXiv: 2010.10975 and J Am. Ceram. Soc. 104 (2021) 2388-2397

Phase domain boundary motion and memristance in gradient-doped FeRh nanopillars induced by spin injection
R C Temple, M C Rosamond, J R Massey, T P Almeida, E H Linfield, D McGrouther, S McVitie, T A Moore, C H Marrows
App Phys Lett 118 (2021) 122403

The interaction of CO with a copper(II) chloride oxy-chlorination catalyst
S Guan, G Rossi, JM Winfield, C Wilson, DA MacLaren, DJ Morgan, PR Davies, DJ Willock and D Lennon
Faraday Discuss. 229 (2021), 318

Formations of narrow stripes and vortex-antivortex pairs in a quasi-two-dimensional ferromagnet K2CuF4
Y Togawa, T Akashi, H Kasai, G W Paterson, S McVitie, Y Kousaka, H Shinada, J Kishine, J Akimitsu
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 90 (2021) 014702

Quantifying the performance of a hybrid pixel detector with GaAs:Cr sensor for transmission electron microscopy
K A Paton, M C Veal, X Mu, C S Allen, D Maneuski, C Kübel, V O’Shea, A I Kirkland, D McGrouther
Ultramicroscopy, 227, (2021) 113298