2023 Publications

Improving barocaloric properties by tailoring transition hysteresis in Mn3Cu1−xSnxN antiperovskites
F Rendell-Bhatti, M Zeng, P Lloveras, J-L Tamarit, M Barrio, ET Connolly, DA MacLaren, F Johnson, LF Cohen and D Boldrin,
J. Phys. Energy 5(2) (2023) 024018

Magnetically ordered and kagome quantum spin liquid states in the Zn-doped claringbullite series
M Georgopoulou, B Fak, D Boldrin, JR Stewart, C Ritter, E Suard, J Ollivier and AS Wills
Phys. Rev. B 107(2) (2023) 024416

Room-temperature weak collinear ferrimagnet with symmetry-driven large intrinsic magneto-optic signatures
F Johnson, J Zázvorka, L Beran, D Boldrin, LF Cohen, J Zemen and M Veis, 
Phys. Rev. B 107(1) (2023) 014404

Self-supported 3D vortex texture in curved magnets
W Jalil, D Dugato, T Almeida, D Cooper and F Garcia, 
J. Phys. D 56(38) (2023) 385001

Spin injection in the doped bad metal SrTiO3
P Graziosi, I Bergenti, L Vistoli, F Galassi, M Calbucci, A Riminucci, F Borgatti, DA MacLaren, K O’Shea, G Vinai, P Torelli, G Panaccione, V Kabanov and VA Dediu, 
Phys. Rev. Research 5 (2023) 033096 

Controlled evolution of three-dimensional magnetic states in strongly coupled cylindrical nanowire pairs
J FullertonA Hierro-Rodriguez, C DonnellyD Sanz-HernándezL SkoricD A MacLaren and A Fernández-Pacheco 
Nanotechnology 34 (2023) 125301

Large-area 2D selective area growth for photonic crystal surface emitting lasers
X. Zhao, A. McKenzie, CW Munro, KJ Hill, D Kim, SL Bayliss, ND Gerrard, DA MacLaren, and RA Hogg, 
J. Cryst. Growth 603 (2023) 127036

Kinetic influences on void formation in epitaxially regrown GaAs-based PCSELs
AF McKenzie, AM Kyaw, NG Gerrard, DA MacLaren and RA Hogg 
J. Cryst. Growth 602 (2023) 126969