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Postgraduate research students

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Cellular and molecular biology techniques offer great power for understanding biological processes. However, in the Systems Biology theme, these techniques are used, as part of a varied experimental palette, to integrate a variety of different approaches to ultimately improve our knowledge of complex systems and organisms.

DNA spiral with computer code

This multi-facetted synthesis of information includes post-genomic molecular technologies; forward and reverse genetics of humans and model organisms; informatics, modelling, as well as imaging. Such a philosophy embraces core themes including:

  • Molecular Genetics, applying fundamental science to genetic variation and human disease, insect control for food security and the engineering of genetic circuits for Synthetic Biology.
  • Plant Science, understanding key mechanisms underlying plant-environment interactions and harnessing this information to increase plant productivity and sustainability.
  • Protein Structure and Regulation, examining the complexities associated with protein-protein interactions, protein trafficking and control networks that encompass key cellular processes.
  • Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Microenvironment, developing of engineering approaches to treat disease. 
  • Our core Glasgow Polyomics facility, with its associated specialist bioinformaticians, provide support in multi-omic systems approaches including next-generation sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics.