Our research

Our research spans key areas of molecular, cell and systems biology using model organisms ranging from bacteria, yeast, plants through to Drosophila and mouse in addition to translational work in humans and cell culture, including stem cells and is ultimately aimed at solving important challenges facing human health and food security. A unique feature is our breadth of expertise in multi-disciplinary integrative biology, from molecules to organisms and biological systems.

We are located within a centralised research hub in the heart of the Gilmorehill campus and is supported by cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure, including the Structural Biology and Biophysical Characterisation Facility which comprises expertise in NMR spectroscopy and EM imaging in addition to a fully equipped X-ray crystallography suite. Support in multi-omic systems approaches including next-generation sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics is provided through Glasgow Polyomics. We are also extremely well equipped for fluorescence imaging and house a number of laser-scanning confocal microscopes, including a recently purchased Leica TCS SP8 FRET/FLIM system. Our research encompasses and integrates the below themes.