Molecular Genetics

The University of Glasgow has a longstanding reputation as a centre for world-class research and teaching in genetics. A genetic approach, and the use of genetic and genomic tools underpins much of the research ongoing in the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences. Molecular genetics research within our Institute ranges from the analysis of DNA sequence and epigenetic variation, through structural analysis of DNA protein interactions, and genomic approaches to the analysis of gene function within cells, organisms and populations. Research advances are impacting in a number of areas, most notably to problems in human health, food security and synthetic biology. Topics covered within the theme include site specific recombination and transposition, inherited human disease and variation, animal models of human disease, insect integrative physiology, and epigenetic and nuclear organisational responses to environmental stimuli in plants. Research within the Molecular Genetics theme complements genetic research ongoing elsewhere across the College and we also maintain strong links with the Department of Clinical Genetics at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow. Our work is very well supported by next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and multi-omic systems approaches through Glasgow Polyomics. Molecular Genetics staff also make major research led teaching contributions to our highly rated BSc Honours degree in Genetics and a variety of masters programmes.

Molecular Genetics staff