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Latest Bioimaging News! 11/07/2019

Zeiss have launched their new 900 and 980 confocal microscopes. This movie explains the technology behind the new Zeiss 980 Airy Scan II detector module for super resolution imaging.

Latest Bioimaging News! 04/02/2019

If funds are limited then Rescan Confocal Microscopy from NTL offers an alternative budget friendly solution to overcome Abbe's resolution limit barrier and obtain 1.41 times better lateral resolution. The high resolution back illuminated CMOS camera detector fited to this system improves the signal-to-noise ratio 4 times more than a standard confocal PMT detector microscopy set up. Click the link 1 and link 2 learn more how the second re-scanning unit improves resolution. 

Latest Bioimaging News! 23/01/2019

Click here if you are interested in imaging beyond Abbe's diffraction limit barrier using Zeiss's recently launched Elyra 7 system with Lattice SIM as an add on. Resolutions in the range of 20-30 nm laterally and 50-80 nm axially are possible using single molecule localisation microscopy methods such as PALM, dSTORM, and Paint. 

Latest Bioimaging News! 12/11/2018

Argolight have developed patented technology which can be used to monitor fluorescence microscopy performance. A summary of the parameters which can be quantified along with a compatibility table summarising which microscope systems will work with the slides can be assess by clicking here

Latest Bioimaging News! 18/10/2018

Useful microscopy tips for preparing samples for light sheet microscopy. The Optiprep/Iodixanol tip helps bring the refractive index of the media closer to what is found in your cells. It also helps focus the light sheet on your sample, helps minimize lensing artifacts and is safe for live cell imaging. Please see Useful Microscopy tips 1 & Useful Microscopy tips 2.

Latest Bioimaging News! - 20/11/2019

Commercial software available for Virtual Reality analysis of 3D image sets. 

Arivis InViewR is a commercially available imaging software package that displays real 3D image data in Virtual Reality (VR).This software combined with a VR head set overcomes the limitations of viewing 3D/4D images on your 2D desktop screen by exploring your 3D image with virtual reality (VR) which allows you too freely navigate into your data set from any angle or position and observe important relationships between structures within your 3D image which are impossible to perceive on a desktop screen system.
Using this software you can directly use your hands to move, rotate, scale, and shape your digital image data. Free from being tethered to a mouse, like on a desktop computer screen system and with depth perception equivalent to the real world, a person’s hands are unencumbered to simply reach into the data to precisely and intuitively mark, measure, classify, edit, and segment specific structural features.

View a video of the software's VR capabilities.

COVID-19 Shared Microscope Operating Rules 

As researchers are now accessing the MCSB Confocal for Covid related research (and eventually other users for research when we begin to start up again), we have prepared operating rules for accessing and use of the system to guard against any potential Covid-19 transmission. We have affixed these rules to the door of the microscopy room as well as in the room itself. There is also clingfilm, 70% EtOH spray bottles, Lens cleaning tissue and a set of safety glasses provided in the room.

Please see full list of rules here.