Paediatric Respiratory Research Group

The paediatric respiratory research group are based at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and comprise of a team of clinical academics with an interest in research and teaching, who hold honorary status with the University of Glasgow.


updated 14/6/23

Dr Ross Langley

Dr Ross Langley is Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Consultant, NRS career research fellow and Honorary clinical senior lecturer based at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow.  Ross's doctoral thesis examined the use of novel antimicrobial agents, including bacteriophage, in the treatment of multi-resistant infections in cystic fibrosis.   His main clinical interests are paediatric sleep disorders, technology dependent children and chronic suppurative lung disease. Research interests include the lung microbiome in health and disease, effects of vaping in adolescents, novel technologies in sleep diagnostics and viral/bacterial respiratory infections in children as well as the use of bacteriophage as novel antimicrobial agents.

Ross Langley (

Dr Thomas Williams

Dr Williams is a University of Edinburgh Wellcome Trust ECAT Clinical Lecturer and Registrar in Respiratory Paediatrics at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow.    Prior to this Thomas completed a PhD Fellowship in Molecular and Evolutionary Genetics at the MRC Institute of Genetics and Cancer. This included a secondment to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh to conduct SARS-CoV-2 sequencing at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas sits on the Laboratory Technical Committee for Phase II of the World Health Organisation’s Global Respiratory Syncytial Virus Surveillance Program. His research interests are in the molecular epidemiology of potentially vaccine preventable diseases such as RSV and human metapneumovirus, and their post-infectious sequelae.

Twitter: @Williams_T_C
Google scholar: ‪Thomas Christie Williams‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Mr Sean Campbell

Sean holds a BSc (1st class ) in Pharmacology from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and MRes (Distinction) in Biomedical Sciences: Integrative Mammalian Biology from The University of Glasgow.  He subsequently worked in Industry as a Research Technologist at Reprocell Europe in a GLP-regulated laboratory performing various experiments on ethically obtained fresh human tissue and/or organs before joining the BINGO and Paediatric Respiratory Research Group at The University of Glasgow as a PhD candidate.


Research Title: The Gut-Lung Axis in Paediatric Respiratory Disease

Research Summary: Sean's research investigates the potential links between the gut and lung microbiome, called the gut-lung axis, and their constituent metabolites and immunological factors that may mediate this communication in children with gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions compared to healthy children at the Royal Hospital for children, Glasgow. The project is funded by the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.

Supervisory team: Dr Ross Langley, Professor Konstantinos Gerasimidis, Professor Simon Milling

Publications, review articles and case reports

National Guidelines:

BTS Paediatric Sleep Guideline - Thorax 2023

Original Papers:

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Review Articles:

JD. Jones, D. Varghese, R Pabary, *RJ. Langley (2022). The potential of bacteriophage therapy in the treatment of paediatric respiratory infections. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews (In Press) *Corresponding author.

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Case Reports:

K Wallace, A Devenny, T Azam, RJ Langley (2023). Novel cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) variant in a patient with Ghanaian parentage. Pediatric Pulmonology.

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Images in Paediatrics:

RJ. Langley, D Hufton, J Freeman, M Jackson, DS Urquhart (2016). The ‘pitfalls’ of intubation: airway complications following trachea-oesophageal fistula repair. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal ed 101: F500-F501.


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Prof Simon Milling, The Milling Lab, University of Glasgow

Pneumowave & Innovate UK

Dr Neil Patel (Consultant neonatologist NHS GG&C)
Dr Bruce Henderson (Pneumowave Ltd)

Research and Innovation NHS GG&C

CF Research 

The paediatric Cystic Fibrosis (CF) team at RHC Glasgow have developed their research portfolio since joining the UK CTAP (Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform) in 2019 and the European CF CTN (Clinical Trials Network) in 2020. Dr Louise Thomson is CF research lead and works closely with Dr Gordon MacGregor, adult CF Consultant and Annie Husband, CTAP research nurse/coordinator. The team have recruited to high profile phase 3 pharmaceutical trials of highly effective CFTR modulators as well as to registry based studies evaluating current treatments such as CF START and CF STORM and quality of life studies. We have also recruited patients to a large European study looking at Covid antibodies in CF patients (CAR-CF) and are due to start recruitment to the NIHR Bioresource project.