Students with Disabilities

All MBChB students are encouraged to contact Disability Services and disclose any disability or medical condition they have, to ensure that the appropriate support is arranged for them. Disability Services advises the Medical School of all provisions that should be put in place for these students.

Students with disabilities may now carry a small laminated card whilst on placement, which they can discretely bring to the attention of their Educational Supervisors and Tutors. This card briefly outlines information about their disability and any provisions that have been recommended - although some students elect not to carry this.  

If a student has a serious medical condition, that is likely to have implications during their placement, Educational Supervisors will be informed of these students via the Hospital Sub Dean.  

Example of a student's laminated card:

Student ID: 1234567

Student’s Name: Forename Surname

Disability Information: Handouts and notes to be made available electronically. Tutor to give guidance on essential reading if asked. 

If you have any enquires relating to a student with a disability, please contact the relevant Curriculum Support Administrator:

Year 1 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 2 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 3 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 4 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 5 Curriculum Support Administrator: