Poor Performing Students

Virtually all students strive to do their best during their clinical attachments and are keen to know how to do better.  When completing the students end of block assessment form on ePortfolio if you complete any ratings as Needs Remediation, this should be expanded on and, if appropriate, practical suggestions for any remedial steps should be noted.

If you feel that a student has performed poorly throughout their block (a bare pass) or if you fail a student, the Medical School would be grateful if you could contact us to make us aware of these students.

The relevant Curriculum Support Administrator should be contacted in the first instance:

Year 3 Curriculum Support Administrator: med-sch-y3mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk
Year 4 Curriculum Support Administrator: med-sch-y4mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk
Year 5 Curriculum Support Administrator: med-sch-y5mbchb@glasgow.ac.uk