Role of an Educational Supervisor

The role of an Educational Supervisor involves supervising a student/s programme and assessment as follows:

  • Ensuring the clinical attachment has a mini curriculum and learning outcomes.
  • Observe the student taking a history and/or examining a patient and doing what they would normally do in that situation (Mini-CEX).
  • Discuss a case in which the student has been involved (Case-based Discussion).
  • Look at and assess the students’ portfolio of clinical cases (Portfolio Cases).
  • Provide formative feedback to the student.
  • Complete an assessment of the student’s attachment, this will take place on the Glasgow Undergraduate Medical ePortfolio (GUMeP).

View an example of a Mini-CEX form
View an example of a Case-based Discussion Form
View an example of a Portfolio Case Evaluation Sheet

 There are also a number of benefits for Educational Supervisors:

  • Ability to engage with senior medical students for the duration of their attachment.
  • Useful for job planning in maintaining or increasing SPA allocation.
  • Useful for formalising ratification in the Recognition of Training process.
  • Promotes interaction with the Medical School, which can be formalised by applying for honorary status.