International Students

Please note the following important information where we need your assistance.

You may know that the Government, through the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), has been introducing new regulations concerning students who come from outwith Europe. 

In order to admit these international students, a University must possess a sponsorship licence granted by the UKVI.  The licence imposes a number of duties on Universities.  This includes ensuring that students continue to study on their courses throughout their degree programme, which includes periods when students are off campus and on placement. 

What this means in practice is that placement providers must notify us promptly of unscheduled student absences. 

This is a relatively rare problem, although in the event that any student does not arrive for the start of their attachment, are persistently absent or cease attending without explaining why, please contact the relevant Curriculum Support Administrator:

Year 1 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 2 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 3 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 4 Curriculum Support Administrator:
Year 5 Curriculum Support Administrator:

We need to do this in order to ensure that any student concerned may continue to be permitted to remain in the UK.