Certificates of Merit

All students in Years 3, 4 and 5 are eligible to receive a Certificate of Merit via their End of Block Assessment Form.

Certificate of Merits were introduced so that commitment to clinical placements, rather than time in the library, was appropriately recognised. Certificate of Merits should be awarded particularly where students on placement have demonstrated excellent knowledge, competence, and a willingness and ability to be part of the ward team. Strong contribution to the unit’s clinical work may take many forms (ward rounds, clinical tasks, on-call, case presentations, helping with clinical audits) and any and all of these could contribute to a Certificate of Merit.

Data confirms that during each block approximately 10% of students are being awarded a Certificate of Merit, a pattern that is fairly consistent across a range of hospitals and clinical specialties.  

Certificate of Merits will not count towards a student’s grade of degree or FPAS ranking, however we expect that our students can become more competitive in their external applications by self-declaring these.

We hope that you recognise the potential benefits of this system and would be happy to discuss this more fully should you wish.

Professor John Paul Leach (Head of Undergraduate Medical School) 
Dr James Boyle (Year 3 Director)
Dr Malcom Shepherd (Year 4 Director)
Dr Jason Long (Year 5 Director)