New Book: 'Law and Authority in British Legal History, 1200–1900'

Issued: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 14:55:00 BST

The papers from the 21st British Legal History Conference, edited by Prof Godfrey, have now been published by the Cambridge University Press.  The volume, entitled Law and Authority in British Legal History, 1200–1900, contains the contributions of thirteen international scholars and reflects the broad theme of the conference:

[The papers] addressed the ways law has been shaped historically by different forms and ideas of authority, and explored how sources of law and frameworks for their application had developed over time in relation to concepts of authority, or to the authority of other institutions, processes or actors within the legal order. [From the editor's Preface, xii–xiii.]

The volume is dedicated to the memory of William M. Gordon, who held the Douglas Chair in Civil Law at the University of Glasgow for many years, and co-hosted (with Dr David Fergus) the British Legal History Conference in Glasgow in 1989.

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