Scottish Legal History Group

  • Prof Julian Goodare, University of Edinburgh, Chair
  • Prof Andrew Simpson, University of Aberdeen, Secretary

The Scottish Legal History Group was formed in 1981 to promote interest in and further knowledge of Scottish legal history, and generally to encourage its study. Founded at the University of Edinburgh, its first meeting was convened by the late Sheriff Peter McNeill QC on 16 December 1981. Professor A D M Forte was its first chair and Professor Hector MacQueen its first Secretary. Its main activity has been to hold an annual day-conference, which normally occurs in the Advocates' Library in Edinburgh at the beginning of October.

From 2000 to 2014 the Scottish Legal History Group was based at the School of Law of the University of Glasgow, with Prof John Finlay (2000-2004; 2012–.) and Prof Mark Godfrey (2004-2011) as Secretary. The University of Glasgow continues to host this site.  Anyone who is interested in attending the annual conference (or simply in joining the Group's mailing list) should email the current secretary, Prof Andrew Simpson of the University of Aberdeen.