Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology: useful links

These web links support our courses and research on Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology, and so this listing is not intended to be comprehensive.

AIA Fieldwork opportunities
Major international listing of fieldwork opportunities by the American Institute for Archaeology

Ancient Near East
Comprehensive portal site with information and useful links concerning the archaeology, ancient history, art and religion of the region. Its links to sites, sorted by country, are particularly useful.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Vast numbers of links to websites concerning projects, texts, sites, etc. Use the search tools rather than scrolling down the list.

Virtual World Project
In spite of the title, this refers to ancient Israel and Jordan, with a few sites from western Turkey and southern Greece. Some useful VR tours and interactive maps.

Ancient Near East placemarks for Google Earth
A preliminary set of placemarks for Google Earth of a selection of the most important archaeological sites in the Ancient Near East.


Ancient Cyprus
Useful web links, information, news group, forum for discussion.

Aredhiou Vouppes
Excavations at a Late Bronze Age farming community in central Cyprus, run by University of Wales, Lampeter

Cyprus American Archaeological Research Centre
Provides library, accommodation, logistical support and grants for visiting students and scholars.

Kourion's Amathous Gate Cemetery
Excavations at a Roman cemetery outside the city of Kourion, along with evidence of quarrying and funeral feasting.

Lemba Archaeological Research Centre
Excavations of various Chalcolithic sites in the west of the island; reconstruction of Chalcolithic houses; research centre. (Run by the Department of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh).

Sydney Cyprus Survey Project
Surface survey in central Cyprus, studying all periods, run by the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow (now finished and published).

Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project
Surface survey in west/central Cyprus, studying all periods, run by (among others) the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow. Fieldwork is now finished, and the project is in publication phase.

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Ancient Egypt Research Associates
Lots of detailed and reliable material about several important projects, including the Giza Plateau Mapping Project.

Egyptology Resources
A reference collection of websites, books, digs, museums, etc, run by the Newton Institute at the University of Cambridge. Use this for more links on Egypt.

Egyptology Scotland
A society promoting the study and understanding of ancient Egypt in Scotland, with an excellent lecture series.

Giza Plateau Mapping Project
Official website for Mark Lehner's work on the context of the Giza pyramids. The main academic information is available in the Annual Reports. (See also Ancient Egypt Research Associates above)

Griffith Institute
Huge collection of resources: Tutankhamun's tomb (artefacts and excavation records), bibliographies, historical photographs

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Resources for Aegean art and archaeology
Useful web links.

Knossos Virtual Reality tour
Useful background information, and an excellent virtual reality tour which allows you to explore the palace (and think about the effect of the architecture on the viewer!). Click on 'Palace VR Tour' in the red menu bar. Designed by the Minos Project at the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow.

Kythera Island Project
Intensive survey project on the island of Kythera, run by University College London. Particularly useful for intensive methodology, GIS analysis, and Minoan farmsteads.

Nemea Valley Archaeological Project
Multimedia presentation of archaeological survey and excavation project in the northeast Peloponnese. Some interesting reconstructions of Early Bronze Age houses.

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
Exhaustive overview divided up into 29 'lessons', with images and bibliography, by the Classics Department at Dartmouth College.

Pylos Regional Archaeological Project
Archaeological survey, with associated research, in the region of the Late Bronze Age palace of Pylos, by the Universities of Cincinnati, Michigan, et al. Useful and detailed, though some of it is in the form of preliminary reports. Good computer landscape studies.

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Sardinia: survey and rural settlement projects
Range of projects in Sardinia run by this Department, particularly the Riu Mannu Survey Project and the Terralbal Rural Settlement Project.

Roman Sardinia
Overview of Sardinian archaeology, particularly the Roman period

The Levant: Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

Council for British Research in the Levant
Institutes in Amman and Jerusalem for visiting British (and other) archaeologists. Facilities include library, hostel, and local information. They also give student travel grants and sponsor research projects.

Israel Antiquities Authority
Government department responsible for archaeology and antiquities. Useful  background information about Israeli archaeology.

Holy Land photos
Large collection of high-resolution photos of the region, particularly sites and monuments.

Tel Hazor
Excavations at one of the most important tell sites in Israel (mostly Bronze and Iron Ages), run by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (and others). Advertisements for (paying) volunteers...

Tel Madaba Archaeological Project
Multidisciplinary research project investigating the early development of urbanism and urban institutions in central Jordan.


Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology
Interesting and well-laid out website devoted to underwater archaeology off the southwest coast of Turkey. Note particularly the Late Bronze Age shipwreck at Ulu Burun, and the Late Roman shipwreck at Yassi Ada.

The most useful information lies in the Newsletters and Archives reports (browse the contents of each one). Note also the project blog.  

Informative account of the Austrian excavations at this major Roman city

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