Archaeology in the Modern World Web Resources

These pages provide a range of resources and references to information on the World Wide Web which you will find useful while studying this course.

Use the menu on the right to navigate between the different pages. When you click on a link, a new window will open which will take you to the site you chose. The Archaeology in the Modern World pages will still be open in the window beneath, so you can change back to it when you want to. However, it is up to you to close the new window when you've finished with it.

The pages provide a set of links to resources elsewhere across the world, but you will often have to do some work yourself to dig out the information -- looking around a site that is just pointed to here, or using a search tool, for example.

Remember that just because something is "published" on the Web, it doesn't mean it is necessarily correct or accurate. The ease of publication on the Web means you need to be critical about the sources you find on it. Who has put the information there, and why?

Links provided on this site should not be taken as necessarily indicating approval, support or agreement with the contents of those sites being pointed to

Copies of the slides used in the lectures for this course, audio recordings of the lectures, the course handout and the practical worksheets are also available on the Archaeology in the Modern World moodle (login required).

If you find something on the Web that you think would be a useful addition to these resources, or a broken link, please drop me a line.