Members and Interests 700x300

Members & Research Interests


John Coyle
(Twentieth Century Novel; Comparative Literature; Theory of Narrative; Ruskin; Proust; Joyce)

Matthew Creasy  
(Modernism; James Joyce; Decadence; The Fin de Siècle; Children’s Literature; Periodical Culture

Maria-Daniella Dick 
(Literature since 1900; Continental Philosophy; Irish and Scottish Literature; Comparative Literature; Modernist Aesthetics; Theory of Modernity; Interdisciplinarity and Intermediality; Technology and the Humanities)

Chris Gair 
(19th and 20th century American literature; Realism and Naturalism; The Beat Generation; The American Counterculture; Postnational and Transatlantic Studies; Literary and Visual Culture; Sport and Literature (especially cricket and triathlon))

Jane Goldman
(Modernism and the Avant-Garde; Virginia Woolf Studies; Poetry and Poetics; Creative Writing; Literary Theory; American Literature; Comparative Literature; Canine Aesthetics and Animality Studies)

Faye Hammill
(Literature and print culture in North America and Britain; Periodical Studies; Modernism and Middlebrow Culture; Canadian Studies; Literature and the ocean liner)

Colin Herd 
(Aleatory and ergodic forms; Artist Books; Collaborative practice; Conceptual Writing; Creative Writing pedagogy; Ekphrasis; Experimental poetry and poetics; Language Writing; New York School aesthetics; Sophistry and sophistics)

Vassiliki Kolocotroni
(International modernism and the avant-garde; Hellenism and classical reception; literary theory; literature and the visual arts; Surrealism; radical theory, politics and pedagogy; Frankfurt School; translation; film; C.P. Cavafy; Muriel Spark; W.G. Sebald; autotheory; migration and displacement in the arts)

Willy Maley
(Literary Theory; Irish Literature; Scottish Literature; Creative Writing; African Literature; Postcolonial Studies; Deconstruction; The Literature of Independence; Muriel Spark)

Gavin Miller
(Medical humanities; Literary theory; Contemporary fiction; Science fiction; Scottish literature; History and theory of psychiatry and psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy and theology/religious studies)

Andrew Radford 
(European Modernism; John Calder and Post-War Independent Publishers; Poetry and Politics of the 1930s; Ann Quin and the British Experimental Novel; Creative Writing; Mystical and Cultural Geographies)

Bryony Randall
(Editing modernism; literature and the everyday; literary theory esp.feminist and materialist approaches; women’s writing; literature and work; literature and time)

Laura Rattray
(19th and 20th century American literature; American literary modernism; Edith Wharton; F. Scott Fitzgerald; American fiction of the 1930s; modern American women’s writing and gender; the Hollywood novel and the writer in Hollywood; transatlantic literary studies; archival studies and publishing history)

Helen Stoddart
(Post-1945 and Contemporary fiction; Circus History and Representation; Cinema; Literature and Urban Spaces)

Sophie Vlacos
(Contemporary literature; modernism; Continental philosophy; hermeneutics; contemporary critical theory)

Rhys Williams 
(Energy Humanities; Environmental Humanities; Infrastructure Studies; Genre Theory; Science Fiction; Fantasy; the Weird; Radical Pedagogy)


Gerard Carruthers 
(Muriel Spark; Writing about Crime; Textual Editing & Book History)

Corey Gibson
(Hamish Henderson; Hugh MacDiarmid; Scottish cultural politics)

Alan Riach
(Hugh MacDiarmid and 20th-century Scottish literature; Scottish literature in relation to music, painting, film & other arts; Literary and Visual imagination in the work of Alasdair Gray; Comparative studies of Scottish poetry and painting; Scottish literature in education; Comparative modernisms in Scotland, Ireland, America and New Zealand, especially in poetry; Imperialism, iconography, canonicity & marginality in Scottish literature)


Mia Spiro
(Modern Jewish literature and culture; Constructions of ‘the Jew’ in film and literature; Jewish migration and urban space; Anti-Nazi fiction and modernist aesthetics; Holocaust film and fiction, dilemmas of ethical representation; Holocaust memoir and history; Yiddish avant-garde theatre; Jewish women writers; Gender and Judaism; Modern Zionism and Jewish identity; Modern Hebrew and Israeli literature; Scottish Jewish history and culture; Modern English literature)


Dominic Paterson 
(Methodological, historiographic, and aesthetic issues raised by the application of Michel Foucault’s work to the discipline of art history; the appropriation, citation and reanimation of avant-garde / neo-avant-garde strategies and objects within contemporary artartistic and theoretical interventions within ‘the politics of the body’post-war American art)

Sabine Wieber
(Austrian and German Art, Architecture and Design (1800-1918); The Domestic Interior; Gender Politics and Identity; Medical History; Material Culture Studies; Nationalism; History of Exhibitions and Collecting; Art Nouveau Textiles; Animal Studies)


David Code
(Cultural meanings embodied in (and/or attributed to) modernist art in all media (music, poetry, painting, film); Debussy; music in film, esp. Kubrick)


Paul Bishop 
(Intellectual history; modern German thought; Nietzsche, Jung, Klages; German reception of thought of antiquity, esp. in the George Circle; Austrian and German television, radio, social media)

James Rann 
(Literature of the Russian avant-garde, esp. Russian Futurism

Michael Syrotinsky
(20th and 21st century French and Francophone Literature and Culture; Comparative Literature; Philosophy and Contemporary French Thought; Literary Theory (particularly Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonialism; Translation and the 'Untranslatable'; Attachment Theory)


Simon Murray
(Politics and regimes of actor and performer training; the pedagogies of Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier;  contemporary performance practices and dramaturgies; W.G. Sebald; John Berger; Raymond Williams; the quality of lightness in performance; the politics of collaboration; the relationship between ruins/ruination and theatre)