LTA Staff Areas of Interest

Prof Heather Walton (Professor of Theology and Creative Practice)

  • feminist theology
  • practical theology
  • theology and creative practice
  • life-writing
  • theopoetics


Prof George Pattison (1640 Chair of Divinity)

  • modern art and theology
  • existentialism
  • phenomenology
  • concept of God

Dr Anna Fisk (Research Assistant in Literature and Theology)

  • feminism and religion
  • craft and spirituality
  • contemporary women's writing

Dr Sam Tongue (Tutor in Christian Theology)

  • Bible and culture
  • poetry
  • ecological literature

Dr Mia Spiro (Lecturer in Jewish Studies)

  • Jewish literature
  • English modernism/modernist aesthetics
  • fascism/antifascism
  • ethics and the Holocaust
  • art and politics
  • minority literature

Associated Staff

Prof Gerry Carruthers: religion in Irish & Scottish Literatures, the Whig Presbyterian novel in 19th century Scotland, Catholicism & Scottish literature (especially, Muriel Spark)

Julie Clague: contemporary religious iconography, modern Catholic thought, ethics, gender, feminist theology

Prof Robert Davis: postsecularism, sectarianism, literature and theology, folklore

Dr Vassiliki Kolocotroni: modernism, avant-garde studies, socialist theory and movements, film

Dr Sarah Nicholson: Bible and literature, Freud and psychoanalysis, feminist biblical interpretion, women's sexuality in biblical narratives, Thomas Hardy

Prof Alison Phipps: translation, intercultural studies, sanctuary and asylum, ethnography (not taking new research students at present)

Dr Bryony Randall: religion in modernist literature, literature and everyday life

Dr Lloyd Ridgeon: Sufism, Persian literature, contemporary Iran, Islamic theology and politics, film.

Prof Elizabeth Robertson: gender and mysticism, contemplative spiritual Traditions in medieval literature, feminist theory

Dr Susan Stuart: hermeneutics, philosophy and phenomenology

Dr Rhian Williams: literature and theology, romanticism, ecological writing