Dr Susan Stuart

  • Senior Lecturer (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute)

telephone: 01413305046
email: Susan.Stuart@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

My research is primarily in the area of hermeneutic philosophy with strong links to the phenomenological method. My work centres on developing the notion of enkinaesthesia: the reciprocally affective neuro-muscular dynamical flows and muscle tensions that are felt and enfolded between co-participating agents, and felt, though not reciprocated, in our engagement with non-agential things. My aim is to revise metaphysics in light of this transcendental condition, enkinaesthesia, which must exist if conscious experience is to be possible. My work provides an alternative way of interpreting the world and doing science; thus, instead of using science to explain the world, the enkinaesthetic field of lived experience can be used to explain science and situate the grounds of our moral discourse


Current postgraduates:

  • PhDs:
    • Chris Cassells: Agency, networks and movements for political change: the politics of digital communications technology
    • Iraklis Ioannidis: Back to Basics: A Phenomenological Evaluation of Altruism as the Condition for Well-Being
    • Katharine Woods: Lizzie Dripping and the Ladies from Sussex: Affective Presence in the Archive
    • Gerry Brady: Phenomenology of Boxing 
    • Louise Boyd: Art, Sex, and Institutions: Defining, Collecting, and Displaying Shunga in the UK and Japan
    • Matthew Barr: Pedagogy & Ludology: implicit learning in video-games
    • Ruth Dunster: Autism, Metaphor and Theological Hermeneutics
    • Lertchai Wasananikornkulchai: The Analysis of Archival Valuation: Current and Potential Methods

Graduated postgraduates:

  • PhDs:
    • Delaina Sepko: The Impact of Technology on the Preservation of Music
    • Bill Cameron: The Aetiology of Linguistic Content
    • James Girdwood: A hermeneutics of the ontology of time and technology
    • Hannah Little: Genealogy & the Archive 
    • Tony Ross: Correspondents Theory 1800/2000 
    • Eugene de Klerk: Lacan & Freire: Pedagogy & Psychoanalysis
    • Louise Cameron: Time, Truth and Accountability in Information Control and Dissemination
    • Cleodhna Nightshade: Mental Supervenience
  • MPhil Research
    • Lindsey Short: Shattering the Silence: The Exclusion of Women from the Archive
    • Anne Muldoon: The place of Virtue Ethics in Education 
    • Gerry Brady: The Ethics of Machine Consciousness 
    • George Welsh: Kant’s Third Analogy



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