Students and Assistants of Chemical Laboratory, 1884-1885

Firewatching on the Chemistry building roof, 1940-41

Firewatching on the roof of the Chemistry building, 1940-41
A. Clement (l) and T. Crawford (r)
Kindly contributed by Archie Clements.

Chemistry Graduates - June 1942

Back Row (left to right):
A.G. (Sandy) Johnston, W. (Bill) McCamley, W. (Willie) Laurie, J. (John) Flockhart, M. (Malcolm) Cameron, C. (Charlie) Taylor, S. (Stuart) McIntosh, T.Y. (Tommy) Johnston, W. (Bill) Keir, J. (Jock) McNab, J. (John) Muir, J.A. (Hamish) Hamilton, J. (John) Doran, N. (Neil) Munro, R. (Robert) Philip, A.G. (Eric) Clement, J. (John) Wright

Centre Row:
J. (James) Horn, W. (Willie) Barr, W. (Bill) Niven, S.D. (Sheina) Aiton, S. (Sheena) McGuire, N. (Norah) Mulhern, D.S. (Danny) Mitchell, W. (Willie) Barnes, G. (George) Buchanan

Front Row:
S. (Sam) Thorburn, J. (John) Davidson, J.A. ( ) Brittain, D. (Donald) Craig, J.S. (Jimmy) Moffatt, W.H.S. (Buffer) Thomson

M.J. (Maxie) Diamond, J. (John) Harvey

Chemistry Staff and Research Students, 1957