Below is a list of people who revised, proof-read, or provided detailed thoughts the hub.  

  • MVLS College Equality Inclusion Diversity Committee 
  • Mhairi Taylor 
  • Professor Lubna Nasir  
  • Dr David Bryant 
  • Dr Sebastian Greenhough 
  • Dr Olivia Anderson-Nathan 
  • Anna Morris
  • Dafydd Waters
  • Adam West 
  • Aimee Fletcher
  • Lauren Black 
  • Marcia McSwegan 
  • Annabelle Nicola Ferguson 
  • Imene Zoulikha Kassous 
  • Monica Abu Omar 
  • Dustin Hosseini 
  • Emer Curley 
  • Elliot Millington 

In addition, a very special thank you to Susanne Hendry for creating this webpage.